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08 May

Accidental Rebirth

Remilia Grim 2 Comments

After killing everything in the game, almost everyone just quit the game. So we swapped to chill raiding schedule with 2.5 raids a week, to show to random people and to newbies what Wildstar has to offer.

And after few months of such chill raiding, we accidentally got full guild raids. And with this 15-newbies new group we started to raid. It took only 4 months to reprogress everything and kill Laveka again, even with so few raid days a week. So everyone of them have seen most of WS content now! Task completed :P

Good job everyone, you are fast learners! :3

Maybe we will be able to clear Genetic Archives Prime 1 as well. And, hopefully Datascape Prime 1 will be released so we can clear it as well~

-- Cat Mistress, Purrrfect

25 January

Quest Completed

Remilia Grim 0 Comments

Congratulations everyone! We did it, we won the game :P

Every single boss has become deaded with our help, with Laveka and Organic Incinerating Prime Evolutionary Operants being the last ones.

It was long and hard road, with assembling new core and reprogressing everything few times, but we did it.

I want to give special thanks for people who were staying with me from the very beginning: Fire, Miralex, Gnome, Elvira, Nix. And to people who’ve joined us a bit later and were staying since: Willie, Rita, Chris. as well as to people who were helping us in our darkest times: Gigawoot, Alice, Hoito, Saviour, Carp. And of course I want to thank everyone who joined us later, progressed with us and had fun in our raids!

Nothing more to say, we cleared everything, we saw all the content game can offer. Good game, good times.

In future plans just chill raiding 1-2 times a week.

Sincerely yours
-- Cat Master, Purrrfect

Laveka Killshot

Hardmentors killshot

04 December

Stranger Aeons

Elvira 2 Comments

Death has died. It's over.

With this, I'm done. I was done long ago, but I wanted to see it to the end, and we did. Thank each and every single one of you present for the kill, sticking around, filling, developing, whatever.

Even if my voice is in no condition to express it, I love Laveka as a fight. This is the way it should end, not garbage like Mordechai or Starmap. We broke down the phases, did them one by one, and kept it under control to the very end.

Long story short, everything went right, all we needed was a bunch of overtime.

I'd like to toss special thanks to the most ancient of core, Gnome, Miralex, Fire and Remi, and whoever else I might be missing who cares. Especially to the officers for doing all the organization, there would be no way otherwise.

Our new core, you know who you are. In the current generation of "raiders" who don't know their kick from their fucking cleanse, you performed, learned, and listened. Especially to Anni for sticking as a maintank, again.

Thanks to our fills, half of them being practically guildies at this point. Hoito for tanking and backseat raidleading me to correct calls in no time. 

To the people who thought they knew better, who left in pursuit of gear and carrying, to those who left due to gear at a point where we don't even need it, if you ever come across this article, eat shit and die. None of us miss you.

And that's that. See you never.

God bless.

24 October

Alpha Cassus winks out

Elvira 2 Comments

Hi. Raidleader here. Good job, everyone.

Some of us collapsed before Alpha Cassus did, and we've fused and fissed enough cores to run a sun of our own, but in the end we got a good little band of murderers to finally kill Aldinari. Don't need a world ender if we can just end it ourselves.

In reality, though, good job. I'm proud, you should be too. It took a lot of adjustment, some relevant, some superfluous, lots of practice, outside assistance, confusion, bad pushes to set up the good, and a few good ones to finally get it down.

There's been yelling, tilting, weeks of dry periods, frustration and roadblocks week after week. But most importantly, there's been progress. It's dead. Let's be glad about that while it lasts, because it's time to kill it again.

I still wanna thank everyone now that we've come this far. The core for sticking with us all this time. Anni for sticking with maintanking in a guild that seems to never keep a maintank, our fills for giving us the numbers, the bodies and the advice to finally push it through, and the new guys for figuring it out mid-progression and still keeping up, and all of the aforementioned for not being discouraged by me at times.

And, of course, the rest of management for doing literally everything while I sit there being dead weight.

Now all that's left is Laveka, a beautiful mess. It's time to learn individual roles again, but at least this time around we have a boss room where we can actually see telegraphs. It's time to buckle up for one final sheet, and one final push.

-Your beloved raidleader, forever muted.

28 August

Summer is almost burnt over

Remilia Grim 0 Comments

The worst season for any MMO is almost gone. With it all vacations and other random stuff would be gone. Calm seasons are comming now.

This summer was survived much better than last year. That year we lost 18 core members from 24. We went from 25% hp wipes on Avatus to wipes on Kuralak, we rebuilt core anew and reprogressed whole GA and then whole DS. This year we only lost near 8 people, few of them were on crucial roles, that halted our progression on Octog for near a month. However, this time we went from 1% wipes on Navigation Core to re-progressing Octog (and hard time on Mordechai), but this is only 1-1.5 bosses back and not whole tier and a half back in progression therms.

And same as at the end of the last summer we recruited new members, who can fill our main core spots. So far everyone is looking very good and promissing, and we got few warriors and few new tanks, what is really good. Week or two to show them the ropes, gearing up and we are back to progression again! Not 6 months of establishing and reprogressing everything like last summer, but just few weeks.

I am really happy that we still have people from both cores here with me, helping and raiding with guild. And I really hoping that new members would be as loyal as current core.

So lets focus up and rejoice that this summer wasn't as bad as it could be and lets clear up Laveka together!

 - Cat Master, Purrrfect

24 July

Another Corpse to Feed the Kill-count

Remilia Grim 0 Comments

Space was cold, Voracious was colder, and his dead body is even colder. And hopefully this coldness will cool down the heat of summer so all those slackers would come back from their vacations :D

Summer dislodged us from our regular Redmoon Terror schedule - 3-4 weeks per boss. All those vacations, game quits, seasonal works, drunken parties and other summer stuff made us struggle roster boss once again. However, once again this just slowed us and not stoped our progression. Everyone who is still here - made this possible and can be proud of themselves!

Another boss is dead, and only two more left to kill there. And only one more summer month to survive as well.

Next boss is Navigation Core, the hardest boss in the instance, is on our way now. But it will fall eventually with us victorious.

-- Cat Master, Purrrfect

29 May

No more Terraformer overloading!

Remilia Grim 0 Comments

It is done. At last Mordechai Redmoon seems to be really dead, dead for the second time. His reign of miserable laser jumps in Skullcano is ended. His twice dead body now floating somewhere in the deep cold space. Redmoon Rising was ended, and it is our turn to rise, to rise the Redmoon Mutiny, and dethrone Laveka!

The path was not very easy and it was fun to progress through. Sometimes progression was not going as fast as everyone wanted to, but four bosses are dead, half of the instance is cleared. And fun is not even over yet! Three hardest bosses are there to progress, three bosses there to kill. Octog will be the test of our tanks and heals, Starmap will be the test of our execution and dps, Laveka will be the ultimate test of how long our tanks can survive without falling asleep. Glorious progression, fun fights and good loot awaits!

And even with the threat of summer and vacations we should be strong enough to complete our journey. So lets do it!

 - Cat Master, Purrrfect


Kill video

Kill shot


03 April

Engine heat you said?

Remilia Grim 0 Comments

Robomination is finally killed! It was awile since Swabbie was dead for the first time, mostly because roster boss and all new people needed all that gear and experience. But eventually boss died and progress has been done.

And now the doors are open and only Redmoon Engineers, the old janitors of Redmoon Raid, are between us and ship captain Mordechai. They used to be one of the hardest fights in the instance, the new System Daemons. However, time have passed, we got some gear improvements, we got Primal Matrix stat boosts, and people have learned a lot about fights. So now we are facing only miniature version of the fight, with good strats invented and tested. The fight is still hard, but it is much more manageable for us and with strat we choose - it is new people friendly, as only 7-8 people need to be good and everyone else needs just to survive. So even if we meet roster boss again - our progress will not be halted and we can learn fight more and even kill them in the end.

DPS check is very tight even nowadays, so we must improve our performance - beat dummies, check rotations, recheck stats and runes, improve AMP builds, and so on. And clear Datascape more times, of course - to gear up new players and to get chance of 130+ weapons and shields!

Dreadful Janitors are too old and covered with dust, lets kill them and then face Mordechai personally! And kick him once again for all those Terraformer lasers in Skullcano he thrown us through!

- Cat Master, Purrrfect

12 February

No more undead barnacles around!

Remilia Grim 0 Comments

It took us some time, but we finaly made it - all those undead barnacles were sent into the shredder to be cut to the smallest pieces. And now we need to deal with them once again - as they are the part of Robomination, big lving trash pile. Fight seems long and repetetive, so if we focus up - we can kill it for sure! Especially with sweep soap toy loot from Swabbie it will be even better!

So lets focus up and send him to the trashcan!

- Cat Master, Purrrfect

11 January

Dispel Undead

Remilia Grim 1 Comment

Winter holidays are over. And that means that after month of clearing Datascape we are finally all together again. That means we are ready to continue our journey.

Space pirates were terrorizing planet Nexus for long time now. And now, when they received ancient artifact - the Mask of Mog-mog, - they are threaten like never before. And this mean that they need to be stopped!

It was very long way to us to get to this point, but we all are here, waiting to conquer even more then we have achieved. Avatus kill was not the end of our journey it was only the begining and today we will have our first step. So lets do it together!

- Cat Master, Purrrfect

06 December

When dreams are coming true

Remilia Grim 1 Comment

Avatus is dead! Finally!

Most of new core started as a child, with no knowledge about this game. And we all walked this way together from x-89 progression to Avatus kill. Path wasn't easy, but we had conquer all difficulties and now we are all here, victorious.

Sometimes we are missing about the old core. And maybe old core were good, but they haven't killed Avatus. While new Core - did. We all together overcome guild old achievements and now we are moving forward - to unseen Redmoon Terror.

I am very proud about each and every one of you. You all have done a great job. But there are still so many things to improve and to conquer. So our journey is far-far from ending.

So lets go forward, set Avatus on farm, and kill the rest of pairs. Especially hard ones like Water+Fire. No one will match our power. And after that we can finaly progress Redmoon Terror. Raid on which there are no guides, raid where too many things unknown, so we all would be investigating them together and progressing till finale.

And let Laveka's head be hanged on wall of every guildie!

- Cat Master, Purrrfect

03 October


Remilia Grim 0 Comments

Today is a big day for the new core!

System Daemons, the Gatekeepers, were downed for the first time! And now the Gates have opened to us, so we can enjoy wild and beautiful world of Datascape. More bosses there to conquer, more challenges to complete.

We have done a great job from wiping on Kuralak for few days to clearing GA in one day and killing these monsters - System Daemons. It took us near 200 wipes this time, even with overgear from contracts. The hardest thing here was getting a stable roster - people were comming and going away all the time. But only those who remained - became victorious.

That was a long way but it was totaly worth it. I am happy that we are going forward now, and the biggest boulder in our way is gone.

So lets enjoy this cool raid and looking forward for Avatus kill.

- Cat Master, Purrrfect

01 August

New core and raiding

Remilia Grim 0 Comments

Summer always was a tough time for any guilds in MMO's. And we were no exception. Summer took some folks, but only to fill empty spaces with fresh blood.

During last month we've overcome many challenges and started successfully raiding. All our last raids had 17-18 members of our guild, and almost no pugs. Most of them were new to raiding or new to Wildstar. But all of them have proven: they are all fastlearners. And in despite all of them have low gear levels and no experience — we are finishing raids on Ohmna attempts. Even cruel and horrifying Convergence got slain by our hands. A bit more gear and experience — and even Ohmna will fall during our two raiding days. And last of raid time we will spend in incredibly beautiful Datascape. We will kill Probes to get some 116 ilvl gear. And will try to kill System Daemons. We were once with new roster on them for 2 hours, and we managed to go through second Pillar Phase! That is huuuge. Everyone now has some experience from them, especially tanks, so they must be not that much a problem anymore. That means they will fall eventually under pressure of our claws and psyblades! And after Daemons killed — whole beauty of Datascape will be open. With experience of our officers and raidleader, we will cut throug Avatus's minioun like knife throug butter.

And at the time when Redmoon Terror would be fully released and major bug fixes become true (and of course there would be bugs! Nothing is Purrrfect. Except me, ofc) — we will be ready to meet space pirate fleet and make a stand on their flagship. And, oh the Holy God Drusera, we will give them a fight! Mordechai will pay for all his lasers and wipes in Skullcano! We will kill him. Again. This time — completely. And we'll show Laveka who is real badass on this planet Nexus!

Long road is seen ahead of us. But very fun road, full of joy, discoveries and excitement. And all of this happend only because of you, in general and each of you personaly. Because guild is like a family, our family.

In anticipation of new wins, sincerely yours

- Cat Master, Purrrfect

27 June

How about a new guild direction ?

Remilia Grim 0 Comments

Ok, so last night I had a revelation. Due to some comments I got after the DS pug. Everything came together:

I suddenly knew exactly why Bladesong fell apart and why this direction we are currently on is failing.

1. Wildstar raiding is hard. It is. Its important to have clear calls, and solid support staff to fill those roles, and we have been super lacking in that department. (me included) We are working on it :)

2. Pugs are not the solution to any problem with the raids. Pugs are not the way. 

3. By slowly building the new core we also get more manageable raids, when more people find out/get experience how how good Wildstar raids is, its gonna have a snowball effect. All these (5-6k) fresh 50's wanna raid, they just dont know it yet.

So my plan is to step back from Datascape (!?) to focus on building a new core through GA.

Maybe go on a SD now and again to keep people in. If my long term plan is successful I should only take 2-3 weeks to have a new core average ilvl 100+. We can then use our new core to progress in DS again. And with our old experience and knowledge that should take considerable less amount of time than the progression we already did.

This might be boring for some of our old and seasoned DS raiders, but I truly belive this is what we have to do to keep the guild going.


Yes, our ultimate goal is to clear all the 20-man content in this game.

This includes Datascape (even Avatus), Normal Augmentors and Hardmentors. And in August Red Moon Terror.

Stick around, its an awesome guild with lots of great people, there is still lots of fun to be had :)

- Isilda Knox

23 June

June Update! WOHO

Remilia Grim 0 Comments

OK lets make an update!

Ok, so Medisive Proxxan usually does these, but he is on a vacation in Australia and then to France! Im Knox "the interrim GM".

So our last few raids have been utter shit not up to our usual standards, and thats kinda fine. We still love raiding and keep on truckin'

This new website is gonna change things up a little bit.

We can have active discussions about the encounters - guides and strategy.

I want an active forum :)

Obligatory front page post mention about the "new" officers Fire Gore (who made this amazing site) and Remilia Grim that is essential to this guild moving forward through the dry-spell.


People should sign up so that I wont have to spend 5-6 hours finding pugs before every raid :(

- Isilda Knox

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