Swabbie Ski'li, the Shredder

Remilia Grim

Swabbie Ski'li, the Shredder


WiP (Work in Progress, guide still not finished and has mistakes)

Raid Composition 2 Tanks / 2-3 Healers / 15-16 DPS


Addons LUI BossMods

General Mechanic’s listen to calls, do not die, cleave everything, place bubbles


Challenge Immortal


Boss Abilities

  • No attacks  – Boss have no attacks himself.
  • Saws A row from 5 small saws will be constantly moving from side to side, they will do moderate amount of damage on hit.
  • Big saws – One big saw (during shredder phase - two) that will do huge amount of damage.
  • Shredder phase Will blow strong wind and constantly spam two Big Saws. Everything in the air will be sucked into a Shredder and destroyed. Kill miniboss, then stack and backdash (or other direction, everyone must dash to same side at the same time) when called, constantly running forward.
  • Bubbles the only way to kill Adds. You must place them under adds. If you will be in bubble when it pop - you will be launched into the air. If you are launched into the air during Shredder phase - you will be instant sucked and killed by Shredder.
  • Tethers – Line of tethers will spawn on random person. Move them to the edge of the bridge.
  • Remove Undead – If any of adds are near boss (even their "dead" bodies) - he will send everyone into the air and do moderate amount of damage. Adds can resurrect from that. If he cast this during Shredder Phase - everyone will be sucked to Shredder and die (I think that is removed atm).
  • 7



  • Monkey – they used to have ability to infinitely stun random player until interrupted or killed, but not anymore. Nowadays they are just basic non-threaten adds. Just cleave them.
  • Brute – will spawn on the first wave after midphase. Every time player isattacking him with direct attack - this player have a chance to receive stacking debuff. Near 14 stacks Brute will charge to player who get that amount of stacks, knockback everyone away and do moderate amounth of damage in medium AoE around. Best way is to kill them faster then that occurs. If it is impossible - player with 11-12 stacks must stop dps for 10 (?) seconds until debuff is timed out.
  • Nabber – will spawn on second wave. He will spawn huge AoE and pull random player into it. Everyone inside AoE will be disorientand will receive big amounts of damage each second. It is similar to Ollo (2man mob near RMT entrance for daily quest) but much bigger and deadlier. Must be interrupted.
  • Brawler (?) – gaining stacks like trash before, you can stun him if there no Nabbers or Brutes in this wave.
  • Miniboss – Interrupt his casts. If his cast will go through, everyone will be stunned (and stunned people can't run or dodge saws).


  • Adds Group Tanks – Collect adds on your side, run to miniboss before Shredder phase.
  • Boss DPS – Stay on Boss and dps as much as you can, near Shredder phase - run South/"Start".
  • Adds DPS Group "End" (North) Collect and cleave all adds as fast as you can. Be on "Start" when close to Shredder Phase (boss is near you). Place bubbles under mobs with 1 HP, do not get hit from bubbles, stack. Kick Nabber casts.
  • Adds DPS Group "Start" (South) – Needed if you are doing 2 Add-groups strat only. Be on boss until Boss is near the middle, then go to Sount/Start and kill adds there. Place bubbles under mobs with 1 HP, do not get hit from bubbles, stack. Kick Nabber casts.
  • Healers – Do not let anyone die. Only few healers can be on field as it is DPS check fight, so do not die and do dps.


Fight Overview / Strat

To be made.
Tanking on burning strat: Link (soon)
Strat we have used: DPS and Tanking


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