RMT Guides List

Remilia Grim

This will help you not waste money and triploons: https://www.origination-jabbit.com/index.php/Guides/Entering-redmoon-terror/ 

Swabbie Ski'Li, the Shredder:


https://www.origination-jabbit.com/index.php/--rmt/--swabbie/ - we will be burning, so everyone is Boss group! No kicks needed.

Robomination, the Trash:



  - Robomination

Redmoon Engineers:

https://www.origination-jabbit.com/index.php/--rmt/--engis-tl-dr/  - you will be on SWORD group -


Mordechai Redmoon, the Captain:



Star-Eater Voracious, the Octog:




And Navigation Core, the Starmap:




 for melee

Laveka, the Dark-Hearted:

Fight is complex, but not hard. You just need to remember all the minor stuff and do your own easy and small job through out the fight (just like on Lattice). So check guides and videos! It is really important :3

https://origination-jabbit.com/index.php/--rmt/-laveka-tldr/  - Short Guide.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sFYRNtTNpi__Ke2uXMCfI9EQfrWKhzVFZSLWU17dxHQ/edit  - Guide #2.

And check videos after reading them!

 - multiple roles.

 - downstairs tank and raid healer.

 - melee baiter for skeletons (ranged baiters check this one as well for better understanding when to bait).

 - orb #5 collector and essence kicker, and rooting adds on boss.

 - tank with one of the tanking strats (you can kill Laveka in 20 different ways).

  - ranged skeleton baiter + orb collector.


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