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Remilia Grim

So you are new to the Datascape or to our guild. Here is list of Datascape bosses with brief explanation what you need to do or should not do, with some links on explaining mechanics if you have some time (better to check them after first visit of the raid, to understand fights better; But you should check them at some point 100% ). Most of the time we are clearing all 9 bosses in one run, but sometimes only 7-8. So check most of things, please. It is too much information at once, but you can read it before the raid, watch some vids. And then during raid, you just have this tab open and read on specific boss we are about to encounter.

List of bosses: System Daemons is first boss. Second boss is one of the following: Limbo Infomatrix (if you chose this one, there will be Maelstrom Authority boss on a way), Volatility Lattice, Gloomclaw. Then there is three elemental pairs: Life pair, Water pair, Earth pair. Those 3 Elementals are randomly paired with one of the floating Elementals: Fire, Air, Logic. This means each week there different pairs (for a total of 9 variants). After everything is cleared there is Avatus.

System Daemons

We are mostly pushing them, so your main goal is to not spread purge and be in the center during pillar phases. Purge is a circular telegraphs under you, if they hit anyone else, they will spread (you will get second one and person you hit get one on themselves) and will be spreading until persons with Purge will not hit anyone. If you get purge - stand still and double jump near the end of the cast. If someone else have Purge - run our of the circle.

Extra Links:

(most likely you will never be downstairs)

Challenge: "Avatus’ Wi-Fi Password is 1234" - Keep the firewall power at 0%. – Do not allow any adds downstairs to reach the back of the room. Do not allow any Daemon to finish the full cast of Power Surge.

Limbo Infomatrix

Basically just take movement spell and one or two kicks (better more if your build affords that). Follow your tank, dodge red in temples, Interrupt cast after knockback (use movement spell or position yourself well to get back to platform and not fall down). Thats all.

Extra Links:

Challenge: "Havok In Limbo" - Kill a total of 9 Ant Lions, before the encounter is defeated.

Maelstrom Authority

We are jump-burning it to get challenge done almost every time. So you just need to get used for Grapple Hooks (bind it on some easy to access buttont, like F1 and F2 instead default CTRL+F1, you will REALLY need them in RMT on Octog, bad bindings on Octog will make whole raid wipe, so please rebind it. It called "Floating Action Bar 1-8"). Gameplay will be - you dps, called "swap" you jump on next platform, repeat. However, sometimes for Immortal or other things we are doing regular burn (kill it on first phase), so you need to know phases later on, so check the guides and videos.

Extra Links:

Challenge: "75°, Sunny, Blue Skies" - Do not let any weather stations finish the Accelerate Weather cast.

Volatility Lattice

At first kills you will be staying on the Adds DPS group. You will be stayin in the center of your side and waiting Adds to come there. When they come, you DPS them. Nothing special. On midphases you take the buffs from Buff station (you get same buff when entering the room, so remember it) and then double jump when called (or when lasers are near), then you go behind the wall, after hiding behind the wall, you are going on your old place. Repeat 4 times.
Later on you may be doing other job - Devourers. On that job you are standing on your assigned side and killing all the Devourers (mushrooms) on your quadrant or nearby it. If its cast is close to end, you stun them and kill. After you kill them, you collect the orb (win condition of this fight is to collect 100 orbs, so this is really important). Challenge is to not get any devourer to end its cast. We are not wiping for challenge, but challenge is giving two weapons which can be pappyforged to 135+ itemlevels (and chance is begger than in p9 dungeons). And you are doing midphases as everyone else.

Extra Links:

Challenge: "Malware Byter" - Do not allow any Data Devourers to complete their cast, destroying a block underneath them.


Fight is pretty complex, but you will do very simple job. Take 2 stuns on your bar (or more if you feel like). Stay on your side, kill adds when tank moves them near the Logic Essence. Do not hit adds until they are near. If Raveger cast something, kick him, if they get command attack - kick them. If you are melee, just kick every cast of the adds. If you are ranged, leave 1 kick free, so you can kick the boss when he will start casting spell called Rupture. When adds are dead, you DPS the boss. Follow the group, dodge red. On Frog phase, you collect the essences and bring them to your side essence, where you need to play tapping minigame (install TapThat addon so addon will make minigames for you). Listen to calls. Thats all.

Extra Links:

Challenge: "Defy Corruption" - Do not allow Gloomclaw to cast Rupture, or fill the corruption bar to 100%, which puts you back a phase.

Elemental Pairs

Check comments in the Calendar Raid entry to know what pairs are this week.
Link for all of them:


Very complex fight, but if you are new, you will be doing easy jobs. However, you will be doing some job in any case, so check guide, links and videos.

Main phase:

Do not stay behind the boss, or you will die to his fart (no jokes). If called DPS stop, you stop DPS and dismiss your bots/pets. If you get circle on you (small or big, doesn't matter) - go out of stack, and especially never hit tank with it or it can cause a wipe. After one of the Grids there Hands will spawn (on the spreadsheet Melee Hand and Ranged Hand is there for this part), Ranged Hand group need to be in front of the boss and Melee Hand group should be at the side of the boss where raid was started. Kick its cast "Crush" and kill it, do not stand in the cleave. There will be 3 different Grids during main phase. You need to have RaidCore for this. If it is spin grid (lines from avatus in a circle) - you just go out and stop dps, while moving in circle with lasers. If it is targeted grid - it will target random player, just move out of lasers/lines. If it is shrink grid - you come close to center and wait a call, when called "jump", you go (not jump, just walk) into the center tramplin. Read this, then watch kill videos, then read it again, so you can have an idea what is happening. There will be 3 main phases.

There are five challenges total in this fight.

Last Phase challenge - Defeat Avatus without killing any of the Fragmented Data Chunks (never dps or cleave Hands in the last phase! It is better to stop dps completely if you see hands wandering around, and wait until tank take it away).

Rooms - you will be assigned to two rooms. Follow the line through the maze of color of your room and enter the portal of color of your assigned room. It is important to enter assigned to you rooms, or it can cause a wipe. If you are colorblind, please inform me before the fight (you can do that in whisper, if you don't want other people to know it) and i will explain what to do for you in that case, or find a solution. Interesting that in GA there was added workthrough for this problem with adding shapes to colors (so you following a shape and a color, so if you don't see colors, you will see shape anyways), and in DS - it was not added.

First set of Rooms:

Green Room - Most likely you will be here as new. If you are completely new, just go in front of the boss (not very close, so you not start the combat) and just wait. After it started to move, be in front of the boss and away from destroyed pillars (if you will be on side or behind, you will do alot of damage to raid and will kill people) and try to stand in blue circles (safe zones), outside of them you are receiving damage. That's all. If you are more experienced, then you will do your orb at the start. On spreadsheet it is marked as "S with blue background" - Shield, or Blue orb (probes with blue have the biggest orb on them). Need to be placed in the inner circle. "W with yellow background" - Wall, or Yellow orb (Probes with this have medium orb on them). Need to be placed on the outter ring. "A with red background" - Attack, or red orb (the smallest orb on Probe). Same as yellow - only on outter ring.

Green Room challenge - Defeat the Unstoppable Object Simulation before 18 towers are constructed

Yellow Room - you will get here if you are experienced or doing alot of damage (or if there no reliable people to put here). Hardest room of the boss (for some reason). You go there and get on your side (North, West, South or East, depending on where you are on spreadsheet. RaidCore addon will draw N W S E for you). Here few mechanics. To get on platforms you just walk into the central tramplin (just like with shrink grid on main phase). If there 3 people on platform, it will be instantly destroyed and all 3 people there will die. When anyone standing on platform, it will go down, until destroyed in laser grid, so you need to jump between 4 your platforms (marked on the sheet). There will be blind, to not get blinded you need to turn away from Avatus (same as in Skullcano at Mordechai). Every 5-10 seconds Avatus will be targeting one person (raidcore will point line at you if its following you) and shooting orb on that person platform. After that platform is deadly, so jump out of it on another platform right after Avatus fired (if you stay there until it flies to you and then jump, you can die). Finish the Avatus and then go to green portal to help Green Room. Read Green Room explanation as you will be doing there mechanics as well (you will not be placing any orbs, only dpsing).

Yellow Room challenge - Defeat the Mobius Physics Constructor without letting it destroy any platforms.

Second set of Rooms:

Red Room - easiest room there. Melee room. Avatus will be spawning 2 clones of people inside at a time. DPS the clone that is near you or on tank, do not hit clones who are only going to you (they will not cast any spell until they are close or until they get hit). Kick casts if needed. There 2 kickign groups, but most of times we need none.

Red Room challenge - Defeat the Excessive Force Protocol within the time limit (90 seconds, so be fast).

Blue Room - a bit tricky room. When you first time entering it on your Floating Cast Bar will be one spell (remember you rebinded it on something useful from Maelstrom already?). There will be 3 colors: Red (with image of fireball), Blue (with image of lightning) and Green (something that is not fireball and not lightning). You write your color into the /party chat. Raid lead will assign you number (if you write "green" you will hear "username is green two"). That means that you will use that additional spell as fast as you can after called "your color + your number" or if called "anyone your color". Do not stack on tank.

Blue Room challenge - Dispel each Matrix on the Infinite Logic Loop within 3 seconds (use special additional ability).

Extra Links: - guide a bit wrong and considerig other than our strat, but over all is nice one. I will update it someday.

green and blue room (heal pov)
yellow and blue (tank pov) green and red (tank pov)
yellow and red (dps pov)
yellow and blue (dps pov)

Alternative short write-up on all bosses: 


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