Remilia Grim


Raid Composition – 3 Tanks / 3 Healers / 14 DPS

Addons – Raidcore

General Mechanic’s – EVERYTHING!


Tread Carefully – Defeat the Mobius Physics Constructor without letting it destroy any platforms. (Yellow Room)
The Best Defense – Defeat the Unstoppable Object Simulation before 18 towers are constructed. (Green Room)
Tactical Strike – Defeat the Excessive Force Protocol within the time limit. (Red Room)
Reduce Row Echelon – Dispel each Matrix on the Infinite Logic Loop within 3 seconds. (Blue Room)
The Final Showdown – Defeat Avatus without killing any of the Fragmented Data Chunks. (Main Room)

Avatus Abilities

Holo Swipe – This is the standard auto attack that Avatus does when Holo Hands are not spawned.
Swipe – The auto attack changes to a single target attack when Holo Hands are spawned.
Annihilation – An extremely high damage attack focused on the person with top threat. Tanks use cooldowns for this ability!
Obliteration Beam – The Holo Cannons on Avatus shoot two very large beams of extremely high + rapid damage in front of them, spinning slowly as they go off.
Burning Exhaust (Ass Fire) – Avatus will basically fart burning lasers behind him. There are two versions of this telegraph, left, and right handed. Safety is only guaranteed on the SIDE of Avatus!
Binding Strike – Avatus slams his hand down in a large area, stunning all those hit. Bring this out of the raid! If one person CC Breaks Binding Strike, all players hit will have been broken out of the CC as well.
Disruption Beam – The Holo Cannons on Avatus shoot two small rectangular beams at targeted players. Can target the same, or different players for each beam.
Phase Punch – Avatus slams down on a player, teleporting them into the maze. Players must collect holograms of themselves to open the portal back into the main room. Ask if safe, before returning to the main room!

Gun Grids

Targeted – Avatus targets the gun grid at a specific player, hitting that position with a large concentrated ringed telegraph. RUN!
Trampoline – The gun grid spreads around the room, slowly closing down on the middle of the room on players. Pause for dramatic effect, and JUMP!
Grid – The gun grid targets a repeated pattern around the room. REMEMBER THE PATTERN.
Spew – Lasers rotate around Avatus, laughing in Melee’s face as they try to parse while staying alive. STAY SAFE!

Holo Hands Abilities

Smack – This is the standard auto attack that the Holo Hands do.
Crushing Blow – Holo Hands slam down on to the player with the highest threat, putting a debuff that reduces a players armor by 100%. Needs to be interrupted.
Strikethrough – Holo Hands wind up, and charge through the targeted player with highest threat, dealing large amounts of damage.
Electric Field – A field of electricty is placed under the target with highest threat, dealing rapid amounts of low damage. Tanks move out of this.
Clap – The hands will deal large amounts of raid wide damage if brought together. (need to verify)

Holo Cannons

Checkers – A checkered pattern of telegraphs appear on the ground, dealing large amounts of damage. Learn the pattern, and always jump to avoid.
Bola – Electric Bola’s come twirling towards the raid, avoid as necessary.
Scatter Shot – Circular telegraphs appear around the room, exploding into many smaller telegraphs that deal large amounts of damage. Always jump to avoid.

Color Rooms

The Maze – Each time a phase is pushed, 75% and 50% – Players will be pulled into the maze. Players must navigate the maze to go to the correct color portal they are assigned to. Only 10 players allowed in each portal.
Yellow Room – The portal to yellow room is always in the same spot, relative to the platforms in the middle. Players are assigned four platforms to use as their space to fight Mobius Physics Constructor. Platforms slowly lower to the ground, which is covered in lasers, and kills anyone that touches it instantly. Players should keep platform levels roughly equal. The MPC will attempt to kill/disrupt players as they navigate the platforms while DPS’ing. The first ability is an orb that is show towards the players, dealing rapid amounts of damage if they don’t move to another platform. The second ability is a blind, players must turn around quickly to avoid being blinded. Once yellow room is complete, players can teleport to green room.
Green Room – Players in green room are participating in a sort of “tower defense” event. There are circular stations surrounding the room in pairs, one inside, and one outside. Additionally, there are probes around the room with shields of a certain color. Players must go to a probe, interrupt it, then kill it. They pick up the power up the probe drops, and bring it to one of the stations around the room, and build a tower. There are more yellow than blue, and more blue than red probes. Yellow towers should be built on the outside stations, and blue/red on the inside stations. Once the Unstoppable Object Simulation activates, it will move around the room, in between the stations. If there are towers placed on the outside, and inside, it creates a shield that stops the UOS for a brief moment. The UOS also activates a room wide stacking debuff that electrocutes players unless they clear the stacks with a blue towers field. Red towers increase the damage the UOS takes, so use often. Once the UOS hits a wall, he corrupt the towers, turning them red, and giving them a chain lightning ability that easily kills players when combined with the debuff. Stay in the middle, and in front of the UOS when DPS’ing. The goal is simply to DPS + delay the UOS until players from yellow room arrive to help finish it off.
Red Room – Players in red room are on the clock from the start. Once teleported into the maze, the challenge timer starts. When all 10 players are in the red portal, immediately move towards the Excessive Force Protocol, and it will spawn clones of players. Each clone has a specific ability. Stalkers will knock players back, Spellslingers will stun, Espers will disarm, Warrior will whirlwind, Medics will lay down damaging fields, and Engineers have bots to annoy. Interrupt groups are setup to interrupt the clones once they are stacked, or right before they cast their abilities. This room is simple, KILL. Use moments of opportunity to increase kill speed, and to avoid crowd control. Once red room is complete, players can teleport to blue room.
Blue Room – Immediately upon teleporting into blue room, players will be given a floating action bar skill. This skill corresponds to either a red, green, or blue dispel. The Infinite Logic Loop will use Matrix abilities, that need to be dispelled immediately when cast. A player must be responsible for assigning other players in the room a dispel order. It will be red 1, red 2, red 3, green 1, green 2, green 3, blue 1, blue 2, and blue 3. Once each player is assigned a dispel order, a player must call the order of dispels each time the Matrix abilities start to cast. It is recommended players stop what they are doing to dispel the Matrix abilities, otherwise a challenge is easily failed. the ILL will also put down a green field, which shields it if not moved out.


Tanks – There must be at least two tanks with an intimidate available, and the third should have a taunt only. 1 interrupt.
Healers – Be sure to have at least 1 interrupt, and a cleanse. Focus on positioning.
DPS – 1-2 interrupts required as needed.

Fight Overview / Strat

Main Room Phases – The focus anytime the raid is in the main room is simply to learn to survive gun grids, holo cannons, and push as quick as possible. Majority of the damaging attacks in the main room are static, meaning they can easily be predicted, and avoided.
Holo Hands / Holo Cannons Phase – Each time you return to the main room, depending on when the fight is pushed to the next phase, either holo hands, or holo cannons has a chance to activate.

  • Holo Hands – If the phase is pushed during the second gun grid, you will always get holo hands. This is a safer, but much slower strat. Holo hands spawn, and will immediately gain threat on the closest target to them. Tanks must be very careful not to hit Avatus with taunts or intimidates as they maintain threat on holo hands. The hands will spawn directly underneath Avatus left, and right arms. Tanks must keep threat on the hands close enough to Avatus, for the DPS to cleave the hands, and Avatus at the same time. It is best to tank the hands directly where they spawn, and slowly move them backwards towards the back of Avatus. When the tanks start to converge, if one hand isn’t dead, simply have one tank move the hand a little bit further out from Avatus, and back in once one hand is dead. Obliteration beam will go off during Holo Hand phases, so be sure to keep hands away from it so the DPS can continue.
  • Holo Cannons – These require nothing more than good positioning. Players need to see it enough to learn where to stand, and when to jump. Players should be stacked up to get heals if any big hits are taken.

Final Phase – Once Avatus reaches 25%, he will go into the Final Showdown(!). During the final showdown, Avatus will have a battle with the Caretaker, attempting to push the Caretakers attacks back with constant barrages of his Holo Cannon beams. Players must run back and forth, destroying holo cannons to allow the Caretaker to put Avatus in a moment of opportunity. Holo Hands will spawn, but be named Fragmented Data Chunks. Players need to avoid doing damage to these. Killing one fails the challenge. There are several different damaging telegraphs around the room during the Final Showdown, stay safe! The lasers in between Avatus and the Caretaker disable the Holo Hands shields if they move through them. When Avatus is MOO’d, all Holo Hands with shields, lose their shields. All Holo Hands without shields, regain their shields. Be careful not to kill a Holo Hand once the MOO begins!

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