[Fire Wing] Grand Warmonger Tar’Gresh

Remilia Grim

Grand Warmonger Tar’Gresh


Raid Composition  1 Tanks / 3 Healers / 16 DPS

Addons – Raidcore

General Mechanic’s – Heat / Bubbles / Flames of Tar’Gresh


Challenge – Firewalker

  • Take no Heat damage during this fight. So if you get 80% or move Heat and no safe bubble nearby - jump off to not fail challenge.


Boss Attacks

  • Meteor Storm – many small telegraphs that deal high damage.  Constantly run around to avoid them while this is being cast.
  • Pulverize – a radiating knock back that deals moderate damage.



  • Tank – Keep the boss faced away from the raid at all times, his auto attack is rectangular in front of him.
  • DPS – Cleave the Flames of Tar’Gresh as they pass by the boss to reduce stress when its time to clear heat.  Run around during Meteor Storm!


Fight Overview / Strat

This fight brings the Heat management to the raid group directly, by adding in Flames of Tar’Gresh, which are directly connected to the challenge, Firewalker.  The boss needs to be tanked facing away from the group, to avoid his cleave.  He has several other casts, but the majority of the fight will be spent preparing to remove Heat, to not lose the challenge.  Try to keep the boss positioned in a way, that the DPS can cleave the Flames of Tar’Gresh along with the boss.  Remove Heat as soon as a Bubble is available.  If anyone in the raid touches the Flames of Tar’Gresh, they will get a damaging debuff.


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