[Fire Wing] Warmonger Agratha

Remilia Grim

Warmonger Agratha


Raid Composition  1 Tanks / 3 Healers / 16 DPS

Addons – Raidcore

General Mechanic’s – Heat / Bubbles

Boss Attacks

  • Bombs – places several Bombs around the raid.  The DPS will need to hit the Bombs with their telegraphs, to knock them away from the raid, allowing them to blow up safely.
  • Conflagration – a circular telegraph that does high amounts of damage to anyone in it.  Do not move around if you have this on you.
  • Conjure Fire Elementals – Agratha summons a few small fire elementals to help her, but are really nothing.  This is more of a filler attack, allowing groups to position themselves correctly for the Bubble.
  • Knockback – while no official name, she will knock raid members back, and disorient them.  Use a crowd control break if you get knocked back.  This is usually done when Conflagration is cast.



  • Tank – Keep Agratha faced away from the raid at all times, her auto attack is a cleave.
  • DPS – Stack when Bombs are about to be cast, and spread out when Conflagration is near.  Do not move around with Conflagration.


Fight Overview / Strat

This is a fairly straight forward fight, with just a slight focus on managing your Heat from being in the Fire Wing outside the safety of a Bubble.  Warmonger Agratha will cast Bombs on the raid soon after the fight starts.  The Bombs are simply hit by the DPS, which knocks them in the direction the DPS are facing.  Try to stack for Bombs when possible.  Immediately after Bombs are out, the group wants to spread out.  Agratha will knock back several members of the raid, placing telegraph of Conflagration on them, which does high amounts of damage to anyone in it.  Stand still when these are on you.  When you start fighting Agratha, she will make the safe Bubble unsafe.  When the raids Heat hits roughly 80%, the Bubble will be safe for a few seconds, allowing the raid to clear their Heat, and continue the fight.  Be careful though, the Bubble will become super heated again, and kill anyone who stays in it.


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