[Fire Wing] Warmonger Talarri

Remilia Grim

Warmonger Talarri


Raid Composition  1 Tanks / 3 Healers / 16 DPS

Addons – Raidcore

General Mechanic’s – Heat / Bubbles

Boss Attacks

  • Conflagration – a circular telegraph that does high amounts of damage to anyone in it.  Do not move around if you have this on you.
  • Incinerate – knocks back, and disorients members of the raid.  Use a CC Break to remove disorient, and interrupt the boss.
  • Conjure Fire Elementals –  summons a few small fire elementals to help her, but are really nothing.  This is more of a filler attack, allowing groups to position themselves correctly for the Bubble.



  • Tank – Keep the boss faced away from the raid at all times, her auto attack is a cleave.
  • DPS – Do not put your backs to the Bubble or edge of the room!  Bring a CC Break, and Interrupts.


Fight Overview / Strat

Warmonger Talarii adds a few more simple mechanics to the fight.  You will need to take CC Breaks, and Interrupts once again.  The thing most forget during this fight, is not to have your back towards the Bubble, or the edge when she does her knockback.  Doing that usually results in instant death.  The cast that knocks back is called Incinerate, this will root some members of the raid, and should be interrupted.  Save your CC breaks for the disorient, not the root.  Conflagration is added once again, so be sure to spread out slightly, and don’t move if you get it.  Heat, and clearing Heat is still a factor, so be sure to do that when the Bubble is safe.

This one can drop very good Support system with 417 Vigor on it.


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