[Ice Wing] Frost-Boulder Avalanche

Remilia Grim

Frost-Boulder Avalanche


Raid Composition  1 Tank / 3-4 Healers / 15-16 DPS

Addons – Raidcore

General Mechanic’s – Cleanse / Maze / Stacking

Boss Attacks

  • Frost Bite – A raid wide attack that applies the debuff Frostbitten.
  • Frostbitten – A damaging debuff that needs to be cleansed.
  • Clobber – A large frontal cone attack, that knocks anyone caught in it back.  This is done on a random member of the group.
  • Icicle Storm – The boss will place Icicle Storm on random raid members, which summon adds that do continuous damage to anyone who stand on them.  Stack these up, and cleave them down.
  • Cyclone – A spinning maze like telegraph that does large amounts of damage quickly.  Groups can choose to run the maze, or heal through the damage with defensive cooldowns.



  • Tank – Stand in front of the boss, opposite the DPS.  Move into the group to stack Icicle Storm, and/or when Cyclone is cast.  Taunt during Cyclone to reduce damage to the raid.
  • Healers – Bring a cleanse for Frostbitten.  Cyclone is very intense to heal through.
  • DPS  Stack Icicle Storm, move out of Clobber, and stand behind the boss.  Warriors bring Defense Grid for when Cyclone is cast.  Classes that have tanking abilities can also bring soft taunts to reduce the damage done to the raid.


Fight Overview / Strat

This is the first of two Frost-Boulder Avalanche Mini-Bosses.  The boss will engage the tank, and cast Frost Bite early.  This applies the damaging debuff Frostbitten to the raid, which does a moderate amount of damage until cleansed.  The boss uses Clobber on a random raid member, turning, and doing a large frontal cleave which will knock them back, and do large amounts of damage.  Clobber is usually followed up by Icicle Storm, which is put on several members of the raid.  Those who have Icicle Storm need to stack up, and spread out once it drops on the ground, spawning an additional mob which does moderate amounts of damage.  These mobs should be cleaved down.  The boss will cast Cyclone at roughly 80%, and 50% health.  Cyclone is a spinning maze telegraph, which does large amounts of damage.  You can either choose to stack up, and use defensive cooldowns to heal through it as a group, or run the maze.  If you choose to power through it, everyone in light armor can back up slightly to take advantage of a gap in the maze, to not take so much damage.


Guide were made by Mistakes Were Made.


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