[Ice Wing] FrostBringer Warlock

Remilia Grim

FrostBringer Warlock


Raid Composition  2 Tanks / 2-3 Healers / 15-16 DPS

Addons – Raidcore

General Mechanic’s – Maze / Stacking / Ice Blocks

Challenge – N/A

Boss Attacks

  • Exploding Ice – Targets a raid member, putting a safe zone around them, forcing all other raid members to stack on top of them until it goes off.
  • Piercing Ice – Constantly puts down line telegraphs of ice around the room, dealing moderate damage to those hit.
  • Frost Waves – A maze like line of ice waves that emanate from behind the bosses original starting position.  These waves deal moderate amounts of damage.  Groups can choose to use defensive cooldowns such as taunts, and defense grid to heal through it, or run the maze.
  • Glaciate – Places members of the raid in ice blocks, which need to be cleaved down to release them.



  • Tank – Stand with your back to a wall, preferable where the boss originally starts at.  You can find a safe gap to sit to avoid a few Frost Waves to reduce damage.  Bring a soft taunt to reduce wave damage on the rest of the raid.  Do not get too close to where the waves spawn, it will knock you back, and potentially off the edge.  A tank will usually get placed in an ice block, the raid will naturally cleave it down as it damages the boss.
  • Healers – Big heals for Frost Waves.
  • DPS  Stack behind the boss,  stand still for Exploding Ice, cleave ice blocks, and make it easy for your healers to heal you by standing still!


Fight Overview / Strat

The Frostbringer Warlock has a frontal melee cleave.  The tank will need to face him to the side, to avoid the main group getting hit. Cleave can push you away a bit, so try to stay near the wall.


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