[Logic Wing] Abstract Augmentation Algorithm

Remilia Grim

Abstract Augmentation Algorithm


Raid Composition  3-4 Tanks / 3-4 Healers / 12-14 DPS

Addons – Raidcore

General Mechanic’s – Interrupts / Shield Overload

Abstract Augmentation Algorithm Abilities

  • Data Deconstruction – A very high damaging attack that will drain the life of a random player.  This needs to be interrupted, once interrupted, it will switch to another player.  Interrupts can be very quick, so everyone in the raid needs to carry one.
  • Amplify – Periodically the boss will Amplify one of the Quantum Processing Units, putting a nearly room wide damaging telegraph on it.


Quantum Processing Unit Abilities

  • Quantum Scramble – A wheel shaped telegraph that deals a moderate amount of damage.  Avoid if possible.



  • Tanks – Try to keep the Quantum Processing Units stacked up.  Be sure to have a Taunt, Intimidate, and Interrupt.  Try to position slightly on the other side of the boss to keep the telegraph around the Quantum Processing Units from touching the raid.
  • DPS – Bring a Shield Overload to remove the Quantum Processing Units shields.


Fight Overview / Strat

We do this fight a bit differently than most.  The group will essentially be stacked up, with the Tanks on the boss.  The raid leader still needs to quickly call the interrupt order, so everyone should be ready to Interrupt as called.  While the Tanks are on the Boss, they will Taunt/Intimidate the Quantum Processing Units as necessary to get them to stack on the Boss. Once stacked, the DPS will use their Shield Overload, and kill them quickly.  This leads to a quicker fight, with similar amounts of damage happening to the raid.


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