[Logic Wing] Hyper-Accelerated Skeledroid

Remilia Grim

Hyper-Accelerated Skeledroid


Raid Composition  3 Tanks / 3-4 Healers / 15-16 DPS


Addons – Raidcore


General Mechanic’s – Luck


Hyper-Accelerated Skeledroid Abilities

  • Crush – This is his normal auto attack.  Sometimes randomly kills whoever it hits.  Good luck.
  • Devastating Smash – After every few hits from Crush, will do Devastating Smash.  Also sometimes randomly kills someone.  Good luck again!



  • Tank – Somehow survive, you may randomly die, not sure anyone knows why.  At least you get to read this rhyme!
  • Healers – If a Tank dies, its totally your fault.  Blame these guys.
  • DPS – DPS.


Fight Overview / Strat

Simple Tank and spank, although you might randomly die. Good place to make your parses.


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