[Earth Wing] Fissure Challenge


The very first thing progressing guild must do after System Daemons kill is this challenge. It is easy and will drop few ilvl 120 items, with a chance of cool gadget.


Challenge is very easy and doable even with 15 people.


Everyone must change their spec and items to a support ones. All Warriors are taking DGrids, Engis - Recursive Matrix, everyone is taking shields, cc breaks and tons of stuns. Healer classes are taking cleanses and stuns. If you do not have items for offspec - still take defensive and supportive skills, and kicks.


Point of this challenge is to close 3 Fissures in 30 seconds. Fissure is a rocky crack on the ground (it will be between first two monkey-mobs). Mechanics are next: when you are near Fissure it will open and start spawning small mobs and casting big star-shaped telegraph on a random player, to stop Fissure from doing that - person with telegraph must stand on the Fissure and let the star telegraph land on it. After doing that - big rock will fall and close that Fissure.


So idea is just to rush through all Fissures and close them one by one while ignoring every single mob around and just spamming cleanses, healing, shields, stuns and staying alive. 2-3 tanks must be trying to get aggro on every mob, so mobs will not kill your offspec dps/heals. And when all Fissures are closed - just wipe. After preparation and re-specing are complete it is better to move first two mobs (monkeys) on a bridge, so they will stuck there with their casts for a while.


Location of Fissures are marked on a map below with circles. There are two ways to do this fast. Both marked with different color lines. In both you need to go as close to the edge as you can, so you will not aggro Patrol Mobs and additional spiders (and less mobs = better chances not to die).


If you have failed challenge - you can disband your group and enter Datascape again, that will reset it. You can also leave DS with whole group and group leader must type /reset or /resetinstance (can't remember which one is working now). So you will have infinite tries of this easy challenge. Do this challenge every week after System Daemons kill for free loot.


So good luck and nice Improved-Dataguards drops :3



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