Optimized Memory Probe P2-Z

Remilia Grim

Optimized Memory Probe P2-Z


Raid Composition  1 Tank / 2-3 Healers / 16-17 DPS

Addons Raidcore

General Mechanic’s Cleanse / Interrupts

Boss Attacks

  • Star A Star shaped telegraph which puts stacks of Induced Latency on the raid.
  • Induced Latency A debuff which does constant high damage to raid members.
  • Fragmented Memory Purge A similar star telegraph, which summons images of the probes to damage the raid, also puts stacks of Induced Latency on the raid.
  • Obliteration Beam This is a triple pronged beam that does large amounts of damage.  Happens at 75/50/25% health.  Disorients the raid, before casting. So take CC Breaks!
  • Fragmented Memory Images of the probe that shoot moderately damaging lasers at the raid, interrupt them to kill.



  • Tank – Face the probe towards the teleporter to give the DPS plenty of space to move.  Bring a self cleanse for disorient.
  • Healers Bring a cleanse for Induced Latency.
  • DPS Bring 2 interrupts for Fragmented Memory images.  Bring a self cleanse for disorent.


Fight Overview / Strat

Optimized Memory Probe is basically just a tank and spank.  Each DPS will need to bring 2 interrupts + a self cleanse.  Interrupt the images of probes to kill them.  Obliteration Beam happens at 75/50/25% health, you will need a self cleanse to remove the disorient.  Dodge the Star + Fragmented Memory Purge telegraphs.


Guide were made by Mistakes Were Made.


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