Remilia Grim



Raid Composition  3 Tanks / 3-5 Healers / 12-14 DPS


Addons Raidcore, TapThat

General Mechanic’s Essences / Interrupts / Snares


Challenge Defy Corruption

  • Do not allow Gloomclaw to cast Rupture, or fill the corruption bar to 100%, which puts you back a phase.


Gloomclaw Abilities

  • Corruption Pool A pool of corruption dropped on the Tank.  Tanks need to drop this behind them to reduce the amount of damage taken.
  • Plague Smash Several column shaped telegraphs that will deal moderate damage, and knock players down.  Keep this faced AWAY from the Essence groups.
  • Rupture Deals large amounts of damage to the whole raid, fails the challenge, and puts you back one phase in the fight.  It must be interrupted.
  • Infuse With Power Not necessarily an ability that can be seen by the Gloomclaw Tank, Gloomclaw will infuse a random mob with power.  Giving them extra abilities, and increasing their damage.
  • Manifest Corruption Only used in the last phase, Gloomclaw will tether several members of the raid down to Eggs, which explode if they are not killed, dealing high damage.



  • Kill first (melee) add of each wave near the Logic Essence. It will drop green circle, standing inside this circle will increase your healing output tremendously.


Strain Parasite

  • Caustic Barrage – The mob will attack its target from range.  Low damage, more of an annoyance.  Try to keep these guys stacked together for easy kills.
  • Deranged  Paroxysm A frontal cleave, followed up by a circular telegraph around the mob, deals low damage, an easy moment of opportunity if interrupted.
  • Command Attack (Empowered) Gloomclaw will empower the Strain Parasite, causing it to cast Command Attack, which forces it to attack the Essence ignoring players. This must be interrupted.


Corrupted Fraz

  • Auto Attacks This mob is meant purely to be an annoyance.  It auto attacks from range, meaning you need to collapse/grapple it into the other mobs to kill it. So do not attack packs with Fraz until they near Logic Essence or tank picked them up.


Gloomclaw Skurge

  • Strain Slap A circular telegraph that disarms players who are hit, and deals moderate to high amounts of damage.  Try to out-range it, and interrupt.


Corrupted Ravager

  • Wall of Corruption A column shaped telegraph that spins around the Ravager, dealing large amounts of damage to anyone hit.
  • Interrupt him if he start growing up until he returns to his normal size.


Volatile Mauler

  • Maulers would spawn on penultimate Phase. Everyone, including Gloom tank and heal, must go and collect essence (green orbs) and bring them to Logic Essence. There would be some easy mini-games, so TapThat recommended. Only "Snaring Group" must stay on Maulers and snare them until both Logic Essenses are fully healed.
  • If the Maulers reach the Logic Essence, they will explode, dealing large amounts of damage to the Logic Essence, and anyone else around them.  Constantly Snare the Maulers to keep them from reaching the Logic Essence. Best class for snaring is Engineer (Unsteady Miasma). Then Spellslingers (Chill). Stalkers with Cripple (tier 1+) could be valid too.



  • Gloom Tank – Keep Corruption Pools out of your tanking area.  Do not face Plague Smash towards the Essence Groups.  Call when Rupture is being cast.
  • Essence Tanks – Keep the adds grouped together as much as possible.  Find the sweet spot for your Healers range when a green circle drops.
  • Essence DPS – Interrupt the adds as much as possible.  Stay out of the Healers line of sight when the green circle is on the ground.  Uptime on Gloomclaw is extremely important during the fight.  Every few seconds of DPS counts, so kill adds, then DPS Gloom, and repeat the process.
  • Essence Healers – Burst skill (one target) setups are recommended.  Use the green circles when they are down IMMEDIATELY, every few seconds count.  Do not get disarmed by the Gloomclaw Skurge.
  • "Snaring Group" 2 to 4 people, with similar distribution on both sides, who will be snaring Maulers. They will act as normal Essence DPS, except they will have snaring abilities with low cooldowns.


Fight Overview / Strat

This was one of the hardest encounters. However, nowadays this is much more easier encounter. In Drop 8 Carbine announced nerf to healers, so Gloomclaw may be once again tought fight - we will see.

The fight itself is pretty simple, once it starts, to push each phase, you must heal the Logic Essences to 100%.  Once you do that, Gloomclaw will weaken, go into a moment of opportunity, and move backwards through the room to the next Essence.  Essence Healers should be in burst Heal specs, allowing them to quickly push phases as needed.  The goal of your raid should be to measure how much DPS you can do on the boss, and adjust pushes accordingly.  At times you may be able to bring mobs from the previous phase to the next one, giving you an extra green circle for Healers to stand in, for quicker pushes.

The Essence groups need to learn to control the adds, not allowing them to get critical casts that can be interrupted off.  Raids can decide to run anywhere from three to five Healers, depending on the skill, and gear of their Healers.  DPS need to have at least two interrupts with them, and several DPS will need to run a Snare on each side, to prevent the Maulers from reaching the Logic Essences in Phase 4.

Phase 1 has nothing but Strain Parasites that spawn.  Phase 2 spawns one Corrupted Fraz, and one Gloomclaw Skurge at a time.  Phase 3 spawns one Corrupted Ravager plus two Strain Parasites on the first wave, and three Strain Parasites on the second, these spawns rotate back and forth.  Phase 4 spawns the Volatile Maulers which need to be snared, to allow the raid time to pick up the Logic Crystals, and turn them into the Logic Essences.  Phase 5 spawns one Corrupted Ravager plus one Corrupted Fraz, and rotates with One Gloomclaw Skurge plus two Strain Parasites.  This phase adds the Manifest Corruption eggs, and can be chaotic.  After this Gloomclaw is put into a momentum of opportunity one last time, if DPS is high enough, you can kill him.  If not, he will move back a phase.

There are a variety of push timings you can use.  The best thing to do is to benchmark the group, see how much damage they can do on Gloomclaw with pushing the phases as fast as possible, and then adjust your strategy from there.



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