Limbo Infomatrix

Remilia Grim

Limbo Infomatrix


Raid Composition  3 Tank / 3-5 Healers / 12-14 DPS

Addons Raidcore

General Mechanic’s Dehydration / Interrupts / Follow The Leader / Tornadoes

Challenge Havok In Limbo

  • Kill a total of 9 Ant Lions, before the encounter is defeated.


Ant-Lion Attacks

  • Sand Shatter – An triangular wave shaped telegraph that starts at the Ant-Lion, and emanates out.  This will do a moderate amount of damage, and knock down anyone it hits.
  • Worms – The Ant-Lions summon three worms that pop out of the ground, doing a large amount of damage when they pop out, and a second time when they go back into the ground.
  • Thrash  A targeted cast by the Ant-Lion which does a moderate amount of damage.  Interrupt this for a MOO.
  • Desert CallThe Ant-Lion throws Squirgs out around him, the Squirgs try to get back to the Ant-Lion to give him a damage buff.  These are to be picked up by running over them, giving the DPS/Tanks a 5% damage buff.  You can only get a total of 5 stacks.  Additionally, three worms pop out of the ground when this is cast.
  • Giant Worms These will occasionally pop up while fighting Ant-Lions.  The worm eats the Ant-Lion, and the group that was fighting it.  You get placed in the worms stomach, and take constant damage from Gastric Juices.  You must attack, and destroy the intestinal wall to get out.  Each giant worm killed counts towards an Ant-Lion defeated for the challenge.  It is very important the group gathers together on the outside of the Ant-Lions ring, before fighting them, in case a Giant Worm pops up.


Keeper of Sands Attacks

  • Exhaust A knock back done by the Keeper, before casting Desiccate.  You may position your back to a wall to get knocked back into a wall, or play it safe by putting your back towards the entrance of the platform when this is cast. Also you can use double jump + movement ability, if your position was far from walls or entrance.
  • Desiccate An attack that will instantly wipe any group that fails to interrupt it.  This is cast after Exhaust each time.
  • Spurring Strikes A high damage attack that falls from the sky.  These rapidly fall down while being cast, and need to be dodged as they come down.
  • Sand Traps Three circular telegraphs placed randomly.  They deal a moderate amount of damage if you stay in them.
  • Awaken Matrix This has a chance to be cast, but not always seen.  Places a rectangular telegraph on several members of the raid fighting the keeper, it will deal moderate damage to anyone that touches another raid members telegraph.
  • Summon Remnants Summons two adds next to the keeper.  They have a large cleave attack, and must be chain interrupted, and killed.
  • Desert Swarm / Flies These are circular telegraphs that rotate around the location the keeper places them.  These cause a lot of panic, but note there are always safe zones to stand in (the center of them), so stay calm when three of these are out. To make this mechanics more easy - just stack all together.
  • Stars The keeper will snare, and shoot star shaped telegraphs at a member of the raid.  These do large amounts of damage, and need to be avoided.  If snared, move back away from the keeper, and run around him in a circle to avoid.
  • Dehydrate – A circular telegraph that does a low amount of damage, and potentially adds more dehydration towards the event counter.



  • Tank The tank should be marked, and should be the one the DPS follow through the tornadoes to each objectives.  Stand towards the entry of the Keepers temple when tanking the keeper.  Make sure the group is gathered up, before engaging an Ant-Lion.  Avoid picking up Squirgs if threat is high enough to allow the DPS to get them for bonus damage.  Bring 1-2 interrupts.
  • Healers Bring 1 interrupt, lots of heals.
  • DPS  The fight is chaos, especially for melee DPS.  Bring 2 interrupts, and only interrupt when assigned to.  Try to have Spellslingers interrupt Dessicate on the Keepers, so they don’t have to Gate into the adds.  Less movement is better when possible.


Fight Overview / Strat

Limbo is all about playing follow the leader, and Interrupting when assigned to.  The raid will be split into three groups, all groups will contain a tank + healer, but one group will be down one DPS, only having four instead of five.  This group should be two melee, and two ranged DPS if possible.  Use the tornadoes where possible to reach Ant-Lions, and Keepers.  Stack on top of the marked member of the group, on the outside of each ring the Ant-Lion is in, before fighting them.  This is just a precaution in case the group gets eaten by a Giant Worm.



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