Maelstrom Authority

Remilia Grim

Maelstrom Authority


Raid Composition  3 Tanks / 3 Healers / 14 DPS

Addons Raidcore

General Mechanic’s Grappling Hooks / Weather Cycles / Weather Stations / Interrupts

Challenge – 75, Sunny, Blue Skies

  •  Do not let any weather stations finish the Accelerate Weather cast.


Extra Player Abilities

  • Before the fight you will get two extra spells (default button for them is Ctrl + F1 and Ctrl + F2, better to reassign them to something more comfortable, like F1 and F2).
  • First hook will give you ability to jump from one platform to other. You do not need to select "Anchors" to grapple them, just look at their side. If you jump before grappling - you will fly further.
  • Second one is Grappling Hook, you need it to hook other players. You can hook other players from danger to you (this is mostly for intermission phases). Play with them around, if you are first time here.
  • After you get used to hooks - press the button and let the fight begin.


Boss Attacks

  • Shatter The boss shatters the platform underneath him.  The raid needs to jump to the next platform, before this cast is finished.
  • Activate Weather Cycle The boss activates either Air, Ice, or Lightning Weather Cycles, which start the spawning of Weather Stations.  The Weather Cycles cannot repeat until all three have been activated.
  • Cleave Maelstrom will attack in a cone 3 targets in a front of him, if there less targets, he can attack other closest targets with highest thread (even from behind). So place there one main tank to get autos on him and two utility (BT, PL, Grid, etc) tanks to share Cleave damage.


Air Phase

  • Wind Continuous columns of wind will spawn on the platform.  These must be avoided as often as possible.  They deal moderate damage, while knocking back anything they hit.
  • Typhoon The boss will knock several members off the platform, and they will get a slow fall buff.  The raid still on the platform needs to use the Grappling Hook to pull players back on.  This happens at 30/60/90% on the Weather Cycle bar.
  • Wind Wall Long column shaped telegraphs will appear under random raid members.  They must run to the sides of the platform to drop them, and move out of them once they activate.  They will deal moderate damage, and knock back anyone hit.  Do not place these on the corners, or on the side you will be jumping off of to get to the next platform.


Ice Phase

  • Puddles Every few seconds a random raid member will have an ice puddle placed under them, which they must drop midway between the boss (melee and tanks can drop them under the boos in range of "spew" circle), and the edge of the platform. You will lose your momentum and will be sliding around if you step on puddle (and they are dealing hihg damage too).
  • "Spew" The boss will start his Spew towards the tanks, and spin around 360 degrees until it reaches the original start position.  DPS need to run completely around the Spew, until they are on the assigned East, and West sides. If there Weather Stations - interrupt them and run from Spew. Random players would be anchored by tether, so healers and tanks may want to take CC Break abilities, DPS can just kill the tethers.
  • Crystallize (Ice Blocks) The boss will select a random group of people, collapse them together, and place them all in Ice Blocks.  The rest of the raid needs to use their Grappling Hooks to pull them away from each other.  The Ice Blocks explode if a movement (WASD) is held to break out, and at the end of their duration, dealing extremely high amounts of damage to everyone around. So DO NOT use WASD or CC Break until all of you would be separated from each other.


Lightning Phase

  • The Shock This basic skill the boss does has no official name.  At the start of any Weather Phase, the raid needs to be slightly spread out to avoid getting The Shock.  If they get The Shock, they will have a circular telegraph placed underneath them, which will deal moderate damage, and spread to anyone else it touches.
  • Lightning Skip – At the moment the best strategy for the Lightning Phase, is to kill the first pair of Weather Stations that spawn, and have one person jump off the platform to activate Shatter.  This will skip the rest of the Lightning Phase.  This was always done, due to Lightning Phase being extremely difficult to deal with.
  • (he have more abilities, I will fill them later, maybe)



  • Tanks – Stand North always.  Stay loosely spread apart, so they can see telegraphs underneath them.  Face spew towards one of the corners to allow DPS to have more time to finish the Weather Station they are on.
  • Healers Bring 1 Interrupt if possible for Weather Stations.
  • DPS  Stand on your assigned side of either East or West.  If both Weather Stations spawn on the same side, East for example, the West group would always go to whichever Weather Station the East group is not on. Bring 1-2 interrupts, and a movement skill (if you melee).


Fight Overview / Strat

Maelstrom Authority is a very fun fight.  The first thing every group wants to do, is learn how to use the Grappling hooks. Not only how to activate them, but what’s the max range they can use them at to jump to the next platform. The raid will be split into three groups, Tanks, East DPS, and West DPS.  Each group will have a healer.  Tanks always face the boss North, and the East DPS always maintain positioning on the East side of the platforms, while the West DPS do the same on the West side.  The bosses auto attack will share damage with the two targets nearest to the primary target hit, so whichever tank has top threat.  The platforms around the room are random each week, know your path ahead of time, before beginning the fight.  Once you activate the button, the boss will drop down on the platform, damaging the raid, and knocking them back.  He will cast Shatter, once finished, it will knock the platform out from underneath the group, if they don’t jump off to the next one.  This will continue until the raid can break the boss’s absorb shield.

Once the shield is broken, it will begin the weather phase.  Each phase is unique, and can only come up one time, until all phases have activated.  There is Air, Ice, and Lightning.  During the phases, the DPS will be responsible for killing the Weather Stations as they appear, and must interrupt them, before they finish their cast of Accelerate Weather.


Lazy Strat


If you have good dps. Later. Blah.


the red velvet ninjas have a good vídeo guide :D