Earth + Air

Remilia Grim
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Earth + Air

Raid Composition – 2 Tanks / 3-4 Healers / 14-15 DPS
Addons – Raidcore
General Mechanic’s – Fierce Swipe / Superquake / Tornadoes / Walls of Wind (Air Shield) / Momentum / Supercell / Raw Power
Challenge – Deep Impact: No raid members can die from falling when getting knocked up by Tornadoes, or Supercell.

Earth Abilities

Fierce Swipe – A cleave attack that deals large amounts of shared damage to anyone it hits. Damage will need to be soaked by at least six raid members to be safe.
Superquake – A ground slam attack that deals large amounts of raid wide damage. Double jump to avoid.
Momentum – A buff that Earth gains over time, that greatly increases his speed, damage, and attack speed. Run into Tornadoes, and land on Earth to remove stacks of Momentum. At 10+ stacks, Earth’s Fierce Swipe applies a debuff, which will make his next Fierce Swipe kill any player with the debuff.
Rock Fall – A flower shaped telegraph is placed on a member of the raid, causing rocks to fall from the ceiling to damage the player. Can be very high damage when combined with Fierce Swipe, avoid as much as possible.
Raw Power – Earth begins casting Raw Power when Supercell begins. This is a series of Superquakes, that deal large amounts of damage to anyone on the ground. Keep jumping to avoid damage.

Air Abilities

Auto Attack – While not a direct skill used, it’s important to know that Air’s auto attack is a long column telegraph aimed towards the tank.
Surging Wind – A ringed telegraph that has two patterns, deals moderate damage, knocks players up, and far back.
Walls of Wind – Air places a shield on either of his side, or behind him. Attacking this shield will activate a counter attack, which deals large amounts of damage, and knocks players back. Avoid hitting this at all costs.
Tornado – Air sends a Tornado at Earth, knocking up anything in it’s path. It will give Earth and extra 10 stacks of Momentum if Earth is hit by a Tornado.
Supercell – A row of Tornadoes sent towards Earth, knocking everything up in its path. It will cause Earth to being his cast of Raw Power. All raid members need to hit the Supercell, and land on Earth to remove stacks of Momentum, before Raw Power is finished casting.


Earth Tank – Needs to quickly figure out the rotation of Fierce Swipes, and Tornadoes. Keep Earth out of Tornadoes. Soft taunt to reduce raid damage. Do not move Earth unless a Tornado is on the way.
Air Tank – Stands as static as possible. Maintains threat on Air after Supercell is finished, Air will immediately move towards the group. Calls Tornadoes.
Healers – Heal.
Earth DPS – Stack for Fierce Swipe. Run into Tornadoes, and land on Earth to remove stacks of Momentum.
Air DPS – Do not hit the Air Shield! Stand in between Air’s auto attack, and the shield can spawn for a safe zone. Run into Supercell, and land on Earth to remove stacks of Momentum.

Fight Overview / Strat

The fight is all about controlling stacks of momentum that Earth has. The raid will be split into two groups. Earth group is responsible for stacking during Fierce Swipe, always taking Tornadoes, and keeping stacks of the Momentum buff in check. Air group is responsible for not hitting the Air Shield, and successfully taking Supercell without getting killed. During the fight, any movement Earth does will deal small amounts of raid wide damage. Earth will periodically cast Fierce Swipe, which deals large amounts of shared damage to anyone within the cleave. You will need to find the sweet spot for how many raid members need to be on Earth to soak the Fierce Swipe damage. Air will send Tornadoes towards Earth. If any Tornado touches Earth, he will gain an extra 10 stacks of his Momentum buff, which will increase his movement speed, damage, and attack speed. The DPS need to run into the Tornado, and land on Earth to remove stacks of Momentum. Failing to land on Earth when falling will kill any player, and lose the challenge. Once Earth has three stacks of Momentum, he can cast Superquake, this is a ground slam attack that deals raid wide damage, double jump to avoid damage.

Supercell will occur roughly every 60 seconds once the fight starts. Supercell is a row of Tornadoes that is sent towards Earth. When this happens, Earth gains a large amount of Momentum stacks, and will need the whole raid to help clear them by running into Supercell, and landing on Earth. If all stacks of Momentum are cleared after Supercell, Earth will go into a moment of opportunity. The Air tank will need to immediately regain threat on Air, as he starts to move as soon as raid members start to land on the ground. If the raid fails to clear all stacks of Momentum, Earth will begin to do a cast of Raw Power. Raw Power is multiple Superquakes in a row, that deal large amounts of damage. The only way to possibly survive Raw Power, is to keep jumping to avoid the Superquake damage.