Earth + Fire

Remilia Grim
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Earth + Fire

Raid Composition – 2 Tanks / 3-4 Healers / 14-15 DPS
Addons – Raidcore
Resources – Earth + Fire
General Mechanic’s – Momentum / Boulders / Ragnarok
Challenge – The Floor is Lava: When Ragnarok is activated, no member of the raid can touch the lava on the floor.

Earth Abilities

Superquake – A ground slam attack that deals large amounts of raid wide damage. Double jump to avoid.
Momentum – A buff that Earth gains over time, that greatly increases his speed, damage, and attack speed. At 10 stacks Earth can cast Superquake. Jump to avoid damage.
Rock Fall – A flower shaped telegraph is placed on a member of the raid, causing rocks to fall from the ceiling to damage the player.
Rock Golems – These spawn randomly throughout the fight. Simply be sure to bring it to the tanks so they gain threat on them, and cleave them down with whichever boss the group is on.
Boulders – A telegraph will be randomly placed on a raid member, and they need to place it close enough to Fire to reach easily, but far enough away so that Fire does not destroy them by moving over them.

Fire Abilities

Auto Attack – A large frontal cone attack. Do not point towards the Earth Tank.
Flame Waves – Slow moving waves of fire that are randomly spawned, dealing high damage.
Fire Mines – Fire will occasionally throw out flaming orbs. These land on the ground, deal moderate damage, and knock back anyone who touches them. Earth needs to be moved over these to remove stacks of Momentum.


Earth Tank – Due to moving so much, be mindful of threat. Move Earth over Fire Mines to remove stacks of Momentum. Keep Earth far enough away from Fire, so they don’t get the damage reduction buff, but close enough that its easy to place Boulders.
Fire Tank – Tanked in the center of the room, remains as still as possible. Do not point his large cone auto attack towards the Earth group.
Healers – Heal.
DPS – The DPS will stack on either Earth, or Fire, and switch to the other when that one gets low. DPS needs to correctly place Boulders to make Ragnarok successful. Avoid as much damage from Rock Fall + Flame Waves as possible.

Fight Overview / Strat

The key to this fight is not losing the challenge. The fight itself is very simple, so simple, that the challenge gets lost on many attempts simply by not paying attention. The DPS should stay together during this fight to maximize DPS (buffs/debuffs) on each boss. So pick either a start on Earth, or a start on Fire for the DPS ahead of time. Earth still does damage with each step he takes, so the Earth tank will need to make very calculated movements. Earth will gain stacks of Momentum over time, and these will need to be removed by moving him over the Fire Mines on the floor. Fire is tanked in the middle of the room. He has a large frontal cone attack, so the Fire tank needs to be aware of where the Earth Tank is, and not point Fire in that direction. Fire will cast Ragnarok roughly a minute and a half into the fight. This puts lava across the whole floor, with the only safe spots being the boulders that the raid placed around the middle. You can still attack Fire while Ragnarok is being cast, just be sure to pay attention to the falling rocks that attempt to knock you off the rock you are standing on, this will easily make you lose the challenge.