Earth + Logic

Remilia Grim
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Earth + Logic

Raid Composition – 2 Tanks / 4 Healers / 14 DPS
Addons – Raidcore
General Mechanic’s – Momentum / Data Caches / Snake / Boulders / Pillars
Challenge – Cloud Computing: Do not allow more than one Pillar to be up at a time.

Earth Abilities

Superquake – A ground slam attack that deals large amounts of raid wide damage. Double jump to avoid.
Momentum – A buff that Earth gains over time, that greatly increases his speed, damage, and attack speed. At 10 stacks Earth can cast Superquake. Jump to avoid damage.
Rock Fall – A flower shaped telegraph is placed on a member of the raid, causing rocks to fall from the ceiling to damage the player. Can be very high damage at times, always avoid.

Logic Abilities

Snake – This will be an always active pain in the ass during the fight. It will pick a raid member randomly, and follow around that raid member. If a Boulder is up, it will go, and “eat” the Boulder, leaving a Pillar behind. The longer the fight lasts, the more chaos the Snake brings.
Defrag – A high damage square telegraph. This attack should not be shared by more than 2 raid members.
Data Caches – A message will appear that says “Logic creates powerful Data Caches!”. These are floating boxes, that the raid needs to jump to collect. If you hit the right one, you will get a buff, that removes one stack of Momentum from Earth. Remove enough stacks, and he goes into a moment of opportunity. If you do not hit the right one, you will get a mini Defrag on you.
Alphanumeric Hash – A large crisscross telegraph that deals large amounts of damage. There are safe spots to stand in between the lines, also jump to avoid as much damage as possible.


Earth Tank – Limit movement only to position slightly closer to Pillars to cleave them. Taunt Rockfall.
Logic Tank – Limit movement only to position slightly closer to Pillars to cleave them. Taunt Defrag AND Alphanumeric Hash.
Healers – Call out if you get Snake so the other Healers are aware they need to switch.
DPS – Place Boulders close enough so they can be cleaved with the bosses.

Fight Overview / Strat

This fight is a frantic race to kill them, before Snake gets out of control. The challenge on this is very easy to lose, and requires a coordinated patience by the group, and the hope that nobody panics when too many telegraphs start flying around. You can start the fight on either boss, it doesn’t matter. The DPS group will stay together, with a Tank, and Healer on each boss as well. When Earth is not being DPS’d by the group, try to move him slightly further than usual, to hopefully avoid more Rockfalls. Earth still does damage each time he takes a step. The DPS need to be fighting the bosses with their back towards the middle, so if they get a Boulder, they can just move it backwards slightly to cleave it with the boss. When Logic creates the Data Cache, be sure to quickly jump into one to find the buff, and run into Earth to debuff Momentum. Snake management is key to this fight. You want Snake in a position where it’s not constantly in the raid, but close enough that it will hit the Boulders quickly so you don’t get multiple Boulders up at once. There are several kill combinations of attacks with Defrag + Rockfall + Alphanumeric Hash, be aware of where you are, where snake is, and where you should be to avoid Snake at all times.