Life + Air

Remilia Grim
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Life + Air

Raid Composition – 2 Tanks / 3-4 Healers / 14-15 DPS
Addons – Raidcore
General Mechanic’s – Thorns / Twirl / Life Orbs / Mid Phase / Trees + Lightning
Challenge – Annihilation Averted: Kill every Annihilation Orb during each mid phase.

Life Abilities

Blinding Light – Five cone shaped telegraphs spin around the boss, dealing high damage, and blinding anyone it hits.
Detonate – Summons bugs to come out of the ground, and explode on a random target. Keep moving if you have Detonate on you.
Life Orbs – Throws three Life Orbs from the boss, which will slowly move back to the boss, healing him. Running into them prevents this, but applies a debuff on you that prevents any healing to be done. Cleanse the debuff.
Thorns – Thorns in this fight spawn in large groups randomly on the raid, and deal large amounts of damage if you don’t roll out of them.
Healing Fields – At roughly 50% health, Life will put down Healing fields. Keep Wounds up on Life to lower the amount he heals.
Annihilation Orbs – Spawned during the mid phase. Use the tornadoes on the field to jump in the air, and knock them down.
Trees + Lightning – Several Trees will spawn in the middle of the room. To grow, the Trees will need to be healed to full health. Random raid members will get Lightning on them, and have to bring it to a fully grown Tree so the Lightning strikes the Tree, and not them.

Air Abilities

Auto Attack – While not a direct skill used, it’s important to know that Air’s auto attack is a long column telegraph aimed towards the tank.
Surging Wind – A ringed telegraph that has two patterns, deals moderate damage, knocks players up, and far back.
Walls of Wind – Air places a shield on either of his side, or behind him. Attacking this shield will activate a counter attack, which deals large amounts of damage, and knocks player’s back. Avoid hitting this at all costs.
Twirl – Randomly selected players will receive the Twirl buff. This makes them spin, dealing large amounts of damage, disorienting them, and giving them the ability to destroy patches of Thorns. Be sure not to move into the raid with Twirl. Typically while on the South half of the map, we tell raid members to clear the Life side of Thorns. While on the North side of the map, we tell them to clear our current path that Air will be moved.


Air Tank – The best thing to do is to keep a very static path. Move in a straight line one way, and again when you turn. Airs Shield will wreck the raid if not managed correctly, and Tanks not moving around a lot helps with that.
Life Tank – Keep Life away from the Life Orbs to prevent heals. Bring a Wounds skill to prevent the Healing Fields from healing Life too much.
Orb Tank – Collect Orbs, spec for self survival/heals. Bring a self cleanse, and a Wounds skill to apply as often as possible.
Healers – Bring a Cleanse to remove debuffs as necessary. Orb Healers can gather Life Orbs as well.
Air DPS – Avoid hitting Airs Shield at all cost. If you have to back out early when Twirl/Thorns are coming, do that. Do not hit it.

Fight Overview / Strat

Anytime you are fighting a Life pair, you know they have shared health. This brings the focus of the fight to one of the Elementals, and this guide will focus on DPS’ing Air.

The biggest thing to worry about is Airs Shield. Do not hit it at all costs. It is the one thing that adds a large amount of random damage to the fight. The raid needs to stand as close to the Air Tank, while remaining out of Airs Auto Attack telegraph, as possible. This is a safe spot for the Shield. Thorns or Thorns plus Twirl will be cast on the raid in a rotation. The raid leader should call these out to prepare people for movement. Predictable movement is key, for all raid members. If you get Twirl, move in the opposite direction of the raid. If not, keep it in a constant direction, and stop attacking if the Shield is on the unsafe side.

Life side is strictly about managing the Life Orbs. Bring self heals, cleanses, and survival cooldowns.

Mid Phase will activate, spawning Annihilation Orbs in the air. The raid must use one of the four tornadoes around the room to jump into the air, and knock them down. It’s best to have the raid start on one side, of the room, and meet up to stack at the other before the end of Mid Phase. South to North works out best. Mid Phase also activates extra mechanics, Trees + Lightning. Here you will have a Healer float around the middle of the room, and heal Trees up to full health. Random raid members will get Lightning put on them, and need to run to a fully healed Tree, so the Lightning can strike it.

Otherwise the fight repeats itself, just focus on consistency in movement, and calling out things as needed.