Life + Fire

Remilia Grim
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Life + Fire

Raid Composition – 2 Tanks / 3-4 Healers / 14-15 DPS
Addons – Raidcore
General Mechanic’s – Inferno Waves / Hives / Scorpions / Swarms / Life Orbs / Mid Phase
Challenge – Fire Dancer: Kill the bosses without anyone in the raid taking damage from the Inferno Waves.

Life Abilities

Blinding Light – Five cone shaped telegraphs spin around the boss, dealing high damage, and blinding anyone it hits.
Detonate – Summons bugs to come out of the ground, and explode on a random target. Keep moving if you have Detonate on you.
Life Orbs – Throws three Life Orbs from the boss, which will slowly move back to the boss, healing him. Running into them prevents this, but applies a debuff on you that prevents any healing to be done. Cleanse the debuff.
Hives – Hives will be placed randomly around the room. Run the debuff from Fire into the Hives to burn them, leaving a puddle of lava behind.
Healing Fields – At roughly 50% health, Life will put down Healing fields. Keep Wounds up on Life to lower the amount he heals.
Scorpions – Several Scorpions will follow a player around the room until they are lead into a puddle of lava. If they touch a player, they deal very high amounts of damage, most likely killing them.
Swarms – Swarms will appear when Hives are destroyed, run them to the Fire Tank to have them cleaved or taunted off.
Essence of Life – Summoned during the Mid Phase, Essences of Life will be spread out in the middle of the room while Inferno Waves are sent towards the raid. You must kill all of them to end the Mid Phase. When you kill one, they deal moderate amounts of raid wide damage.
Thorns – During the Mid Phase, Thorns will be placed on a random player. Players should find the gap in the nearest incoming Inferno Wave, and move away from it towards Life. If the Thorns explode, they will root that player, and anyone else around them, dealing Large amounts of damage, and possibly causing the challenge to be lost.
Tactical Nuke – Still exploring this mechanic :(

Fire Abilities

Flame Wave – A small wave of fire that starts from Fire, and moves outwards towards a random player. Deals high damage. Avoid.
Meteor – A small circular telegraph, a flame will drop from the sky dealing high damage.
Contagious Flame – This debuff is applied to a random player after the mid phase. It is shareable, meaning you can pass it on to another player. Avoid doing this if possible. Run it to a Hive to burn them, and turn them into a Lava Pool.
Inferno Waves – Large room wide Flame Waves with one safe spot in them. The raid will need to manage running to the safe spot, with using their bubbles to keep them safe.
Wildfire – A stacking damage buff that increases the boss damage by 1% per stack.


Fire Tank – Avoid Flame Waves. Keep Fire close enough in the middle to be able to manage Hives easily.
Life Tank – Keep Life away from the Life Orbs to prevent heals. Bring a Wounds skill to prevent the Healing Fields from healing Life too much.
Orb Tank – Collect Orbs, spec for self survival/heals. Bring a self cleanse, and a Wounds skill to apply as often as possible. It’s possible to take Contagious Flame off of the Life Tank, and run it to a Hive in their place. Do this as necessary.
Healers – Bring a Cleanse to remove debuffs as necessary. Orb Healers can gather Life Orbs as well.
Fire DPS – Avoid all Fire casts. Run Scorpions to Lava Pools. Don’t share Contagious Flame with anyone else after Mid Phase if possible. Run Swarms across the Fire Tank so they can Taunt/Intimidate them off of you, to be cleaved.

Fight Overview / Strat

This starts out as a simple fight, with simple abilities to dodge. Avoid Flame Waves, and Meteors on Fire Side. Don’t let Life get any Life Orbs.

Mid Phase begins with Life moving to the East side of the room, and Fire moving to the West. Fire will begin casting Inferno Waves, and Essences of Life will spawn to be killed. Killing one deals raid wide damage, so be sure to do this as your raid is above half health. During Mid Phase, raid members will randomly get Thorns put on them. They will need to run the Thorns to a safe spot in the Inferno Wave, and wait for someone to save them with a bubble. Hitting an Inferno Wave means you lose the challenge, so avoid this. It’s best to have the raid stacked closely, and only move Thorns out when necessary. Move Thorns towards Life, in the safe spot of the Inferno Wave.

After Mid Phase, additional mechanics, and adds appear in the fight. Contagious Flame will start to be put on random raid members, requiring them to run into the Hives around the room. Doing this will burn the Hives, leaving a Lava Pool, and pissing off the Swarms inside. The Swarms will chase that player, but are easily cleaved down by the raid. Scorpions will also randomly appear, and need to be run into the Lava Pools to kill them. The raid should always spread out after Mid Phase to avoid sharing Contagious Flame.