Life + Logic

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Life + Logic



Actually this fight was a bit changed, so I will fix things later. Bring interrupts!


Elemental who was aggroed first will receive 51 IA but other one infinite IA (so you want to start with Logic), and you need to interrupt that before Logic get 20 stacks of empower. If you leave 5-10 IA and wait until Defrag, while dpsing (or you can wait until 18-19 stacks) - cast will never be completed, so you will not be forced to spread on Defrag. Waiting until 18-19 stacks is good if you are dying on Life Elemental, so you will have more uptime on Life (and they have shared HP). After one boss is interrupted - he will get infinite IA and other one will get 51 IA. Stack for roots, snake person have big field to maneuver, as nothing special is happening, except regular basic Elemental abilities they always have in every fight. No mid-phase.



Raid Composition  2 Tanks / 3-4 Healers / 14-15 DPS

Addons Raidcore

General Mechanic’s Thorns / Snake / Orbs / Shared Health / Interrupts

Challenge Combinatorial Genomics

  • Finish midphase in 40 seconds or faster.


Life Abilities

  • Blinding Light – Four triangle shaped telegraphs spin around the boss, dealing high damage, and blinding anyone it hits.
  • Detonate Summons bugs to come out of the ground, and explode on a random target.  Keep moving if you have Detonate on you.
  • Life Orbs Throws three Life Orbs from the boss, which will slowly move back to the boss, healing him.  Running into them prevents this, but applies a debuff on you that prevents any healing to be done.  Cleanse the debuff.
  • Thorns Thorns will pop up under random players in the raid.  Running into, or having any of the raids telegraphs hit the Thorns will apply a damage dealing debuff to that person.  Avoid Thorns!
  • Healing Fields At roughly 50% health, Life will put down Healing fields.  Keep Wounds up on Life to lower the amount he heals.


Logic Abilities

  • Snake – This will be an always active pain in the ass during the fight.  It will pick a raid member randomly, and follow around that raid member.  If Thorns are up, it will go, and “eat” the Thorns, then move back after a player.  The longer the fight lasts, the more chaos the Snake brings.  It will switch to different players in the raid oer time.
  • Defrag A high damage square telegraph.  This attack should not be shared by more than 2 raid members.
  • Alphanumeric Hash A large crisscross telegraph that deals large amounts of damage.  There are safe spots to stand in between the lines, also jump to avoid as much damage as possible.
  • Damage Buff Over time Logic will gain stacks of a damage buff, this not only increases his damage done, but increases his damage taken.  If the fight goes on too long, he will start to deal very high damage.



  • Logic Tank – This needs to be the Tank who can take the most damage.  Be ready with survival cooldowns as necessary.
  • Life Tank Keep Life away from the Life Orbs to prevent heals.  Bring a Wounds skill to prevent the Healing Fields from healing Life too much.
  • Orb Tank Collect Orbs, spec for self survival/heals.  Bring a self cleanse, and a Wounds skill to apply as often as possible. -- Better to take Orb healers or dps with cleanses.
  • Healers Bring a Cleanse to remove debuffs as necessary.  Orb Healers can gather Life Orbs as well.
  • Logic DPS – Stack for Defrag if possible.  Keep the Snake out of the raid!  Avoid as much damage as possible, with Logics buff, his abilities start to hit very hard.


Fight Overview / Strat

Anytime you are fighting a Life pair, you know they have shared health.  This brings the focus of the fight to one of the Elementals, and this guide will focus on DPS’ing Logic.

Logic will gain a stacking debuff.  The more stacks that Logic has, the more damage he will deal, and take.  The primary group just need to keep it as simple as possible.  Be in a light spread around the boss, avoid as much damage as possible, roll out of Thorns, and keep the Snake out of the raid!  This fight relies more on the Logic Tank.  The Tank on Logic needs to be as Tanky as possible.  Logic will start to hit very hard as the stacks of his buff go up, and his auto attacks combined with his other abilities can easily kill a tank.  Have a dedicated Healer focus the Logic tank, and be smart with your cooldowns to survive.

Life group will simply be distracting Life, and gathering Orbs.  Self sufficiency on Lifes side is needed, so a self cleanse, self heals, etc.  Keep Wounds up on Life around the 50% mark, so it reduces the amount he heals