Water + Air

Remilia Grim
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Water + Air

Raid Composition – 2 Tanks / 2-3 Healers / 15-16 DPS
Addons – Raidcore
General Mechanic’s – Walls of Wind (shield) / Tornadoes / Mid Phase
Challenge – Whiteout: Kill either Air or Water, before the end of the third mid phase.

Water Abilities

Geyser – a circular telegraph that is put on a random raid member in range, and dropped in place. It will spawn smaller circles, knock up, disarm, and deal moderate damage to anyone it hits. Keep this out of the raid.
Raging Rapids – a spinning bar telegraph with safe spots. Does little damage if players dodge through it as quickly as possible. Do not run with the bar.
Watery Grave – this is a threat drop mechanic. Tanks must avoid.
Frost Tombs – Ice tombs placed on the furthest targets within range, cannot be damage while in them by outside attacks, but constantly take small amounts of damage from the tombs themselves. Must be broken out with Twirl.
Tsunami – This is the mid phase attack, its a spiral of rapid telegraphs that deal moderate damage. It can change directions mid spin as well, so pay attention.
Glacial Icestorm – This is a combined attack that Water + Air team up for. They create an ice storm of falling ice, that deals high damage if not dodged in succession.

Air Abilities

Auto Attack – While not a direct skill used, it’s important to know that Air’s auto attack is a long column telegraph aimed towards the tank.
Surging Wind – A ringed telegraph that has two patterns, deals moderate damage, knocks players up, and far back.
Walls of Wind (shield) – Air places a shield on either of his side, or behind him. Attacking this shield will activate a counter attack, which deals large amounts of damage, and knocks players back. Avoid hitting this at all costs.
Twirl – Air places a buff on random party members, they will get disoriented, and need to move over to Water to break the DPS free of Frost Tombs.
Glacial Icestorm – This is a combined attack that Water + Air team up for. They create an ice storm of falling ice, that deals high damage if not dodged in succession.


Air Tank – Taunt during Surging Wind. Face Air North on the West side of the platform after each mid phase.
Water Tank – Avoid Watery Grave. Keep near the boss so you don’t get Ice Tombed.
Healers – Heal.
Water DPS – Stay within range of Water, but further out than the Tank + Healer to bait the Frost Tombs.
Air DPS – Pay attention to where Air’s Shield is. This can easily kill several people if hit at the wrong time.

Fight Overview / Strat

This fight will be one of the easier fights once you understand what to avoid. The raid should start on Air for DPS, as Water is the main focus during the mid phase, and has a moment of opportunity to catch up in life lost easily.
Air has his standard attacks. The biggest focus will be on positioning, to avoid hitting his shield, and getting blasted with a counter attack. Due to positioning requirements, please refer to the spreadsheet for more info. The raid will start at AT1, this will be the best free chance to do damage on Air during the whole fight. After 60 seconds, mid phase will start. The raid needs to break Waters absorb shield, and he will be put in a moment of opportunity. Once that ends, they will begin to cast Glaciel Icestorm together. The damage from Glaciel Icestorm is very high, so be cautious if you choose to DPS during this, I would recommend the raid moves into their next position instead. Air will be brought to AT2, which is very close to the edge of the platform. If the Tank faces air North, the DPS should not run the risk of getting knocked off of the platform, and you will take minimal damage from the Tornadoes spinning around the room. The fight will continue like this, with Air being DPS’d, after 60 seconds another mid phase, some time spent on Water, and repeat. After each mid phase, another Tornado is added to spin around the room. Positioning is key to just simply avoiding as much damage as possible.
Due to not wanting to have a Tank and/or Tank Healer on Water get Frost Tombed. Its recommended you use two Engineers to DPS on Water, and stand in range of Frost Tombs, but always further than the Tank, and Healer to be sure they get cast on you. Whoever gets the Twirl buff will break those people out.