Water + Logic

Remilia Grim

Water + Logic

Raid Composition – 2 Tanks / 3-4 Healers / 14-15 DPS
Addons – Raidcore
General Mechanic’s – Orbs / Logic Wall / Maze
Challenge – Escaping the Crystalline: Do not let Raging Rapid’s hit three of the Logic Wall cubes.

Water Abilities

Geyser – a circular telegraph that is put on a random raid member in range, and dropped in place. It will spawn smaller circles, knock up, disarm, and deal moderate damage to anyone it hits. Keep this out of the raid.
Raging Rapids – a spinning bar telegraph with safe spots. Does little damage if players dodge through it as quickly as possible. Do not run with the bar.
Watery Grave – this is a threat drop mechanic. Tanks must avoid.

Logic Abilities

Defrag – A high damage square telegraph. This attack should not be shared by more than 2 raid members.
Alphanumeric Hash – A large crisscross telegraph that deals large amounts of damage. There are safe spots to stand in between the lines, also jump to avoid as much damage as possible.
Tetris – Logic will send blocks towards a random target, this can deal high damage if players do not avoid as quickly as possible.
Orbs – Spawned every few seconds, players must pick these up, and run them into Logic to remove his interrupt armor.
Imprison – This spawns a four cubed Logic Wall on a random player in the raid. Keep sprinting as this is about to drop, running in one direction, you can easily escape it. If you get stuck, and cannot double jump + movement skill out, the raid will have to come break one of the cubes to let you out.


Logic Tank – Taunt Defrag, call out orbs. Taunt Logic during mid phase.
Logic DPS – Constantly run out for orbs, do not go after one someone else is picking up, just a waste of time. Do not turn in any orbs without looking at the raids health first.
Water Tank – Avoid Watery Grave. Run Water away from the person getting Imprisoned so Raging Rapids is not cast on it, to keep the challenge. Taunt Logic during mid phase. Pull water away from the DPS immediately after mid phase.
DPS Runner Healer – Should be in group 3 for mid phase runners, keep the DPS who have not run yet topped off.
Mid Phase Healers – One focus on the people who have already turned in, the other focus on people running to create a healing bridge situation.

Fight Overview / Strat

This fight is a very intense fight. It has two different DPS races. The first being to kill the boss before any enrage timer, and the second is to do it fast enough so you have enough of the raid alive, to complete mechanics.

The recommendation is to start the fight on the Logic side. Logic starts with 500 interrupt armor, which needs to be removed by running out, and grabbing the orbs that he throws out every few seconds. Once you grab one, return it to Logic to remove 20 interrupt armor. Be very careful to watch raid health when turning in, doing so right after a Defrag can be deadly for many people. On the resource page, you will find Defrag stacking positions. To help with the DPS race, we stack melee/medics around the boss, in pairs of two, except 2 warriors (heavy armor) will stack with the tank. The ranged DPS will spread out around the boss, and be sure not to share defrag with anyone whos not assigned to be stacked with them. The goal to reach is roughly 200-240 interrupt armor left on Logic, before going into mid phase. Do not bring any interrupts, as each interrupt on Logic deals damage, and can easily kill other raid members.

Water side is a bit more simple. The goal is to just go as hard as you can on the DPS, to give the raid a better chance to burn him after Logic dies. The primary issue with Water, is to manage Geyser, when to spread for Defrag, and how to deal with Raging Rapids. Raging Rapids is directly connected to the challenge, along with the Logic Wall. Geyser will knock up, disarm, and deal moderate damage to anyone hit, be sure to bring this out of the raid if you get hit! The raid should not stack for Defrag on Water, there are too many other abilities to worry about. Instead, try to time it so everyone spreads near the end of the cast, rather than immediately when Defrag starts casting, this will give the raid a little more up-time on Water.

Mid Phase is really the hardest part of the fight. When it’s about to start, Logic will walk to the middle of the room, and vacuum everyone in the raid to the middle. After doing that, Logic will spawn a Maze, and ring of Orbs to surround the maze. It’s the same exact mechanic during the mid phase, as it is during the normal part of the fight. People will need to be assigned to be runners. What we’ve found works best, is to use three groups of five runners, leaving the two tanks, two healers, and potentially a couple Esper DPS to get pulled into the middle when Logic does the vacuum. Espers movement skill does not work well in the Maze, and they end up taking a lot of damage. They can run, but die easily. The tanks are pulled in to rotate taunts on Logic as the runners are running through the maze. The two healers in the middle should split their focus, with one being on the group AFTER they turn in, and one being on the group as they are running through the maze. Warriors can also drop a defense grid on the middle to help ease the amount of damage done to runners, and people who have already turned in. Mid phase is very intense for healers.

Once mid phase is finished, you have a few options. If the raids DPS is high enough, you can choose to switch from Logic to Water, and burn him as fast as possible, before the next mid phase. At that point, the raid would ALL get pulled in, and try to burn Logic before his mid phase case timer finishes. If you don’t have enough DPS, Logic will wipe the raid. If you take option two, and need to go through a second mid phase, you will be forced to assign runners with healers to help gather orbs, and bring them to Logic to bring his interrupt armor down to acceptable levels.