System Daemons

Remilia Grim

System Daemons


If you are new and raid is experienced:

1. If you get circle on you (Purge) - stand still or move slowly, never dash or sprint with it. You can jump when cast is near to the end to make aoe smaller.

2. If someone near you have circle on them (Purge) - move away. If you will not do that, Purge will spread on you and you will most likely die.

3. When called "DPS down" or "Everyone Down for Miniboss" - you go through one of five small pads (teleporters) on the east side of the room. Then you dps Miniboss and interrupt his casts. After he is dead - go up through same set of teleporters. If you have lazer/circle on you - move away from raid.

4. When pillars are spawned and Bosses going to the center - you go to the inner ring and dps pillars.

5. Do not be near tank.

6. Dodge all other red. Don't panic. Enjoy your loot.

Full guide:

Raid Composition  3 Tanks / 3-5 Healers / 12-14 DPS

Addons Raidcore

Remember this Purge l Interrupt Mini / Kill pillars

Challenge Avatus’ Wi-Fi Password is 1234

  • Keep the firewall power at 0%. – Do not allow any adds downstairs to reach the back of the room.  Do not allow any Daemon to finish the full cast of Power Surge.


Boss Attacks

  • Disconnect This is the tank swap mechanic.  Whichever Daemon casts Disconnect, the player tanking them gets teleported downstairs to the add room.
  • Power Surge Deals constant damage until interrupted.  If not interrupted, it will increase the firewall percentage by 10%.
  • Purge Deals a large amount of AoE damage.  Spreads to whoever it hits.  STAND STILL if you get purge, let other’s move away from you, so they don’t have to predict your movement.  Double jump as the telegraph is about to fill up, to reduce the size of the telegraph.
  • Carpets (Data Drain) – Square telegraphs of damage that spread on to the floor, combined with Purge, easily kills DPS.
  • Upload/Download A ringed telegraph either emanating from the Daemons, or starting from a large range outside of them.  Knocks you back if not timed correctly, can take multiple hits from it.  This starts after the second pillar phase.
  • System Restore – If the Daemons have more than a 5% health difference, they will synchronize, doing a moderate amount of damage to the raid and higher in health Daemon will be continiously casting Purge.
  • Syncronization – If the Daemons get too close to each other, they will do a large amount of damage to the raid.


Pillar Attacks

  • Laser Wall Rotates around the pillar doing low, but rapid amounts of damage if you go through them.  Safe to dodge roll through if needed.
  • Meltdown Casted when the pillars health reaches zero, this purges the buffs off of the Daemons.  The Daemons must stand in at least three Meltdowns.



  • Boss Tanks Boss tanks should bring a taunt  to reduce the damage of Purge when it’s cast.  The primary goal for the tanks is boss positioning.  They need to keep the Daemons away from the teleporters, to allow the DPS who have purge to notice, and not bring it down.  Also to allow the rings from Upload/Download to not hit the DPS as they come from downstairs.
  • Control DPS/Tank – Not necessarily a tank, possibly just an engineer, but is responsible for going downstairs with the control healer, and rounding up the mobs to the center for cleaving.
  • Float Tank Waits in the middle of the room, bored out of his mind, until a Daemon casts Disconnect.  Once the player tanking the Daemon gets teleported downstairs, the float tank is responsible for maintaining good positioning, possibly participating in pillar phases as the tank, and just holding threat until the main tank gets back. This tank also can be "Control DPS/Tank", but he need to go upstairs right before Disconnect is happening.
  • Tank Healers The primary strat has the tank healers bringing interrupts, to interrupt power surge, so DPS can focus on the pillars during pillar phase.  If not geared enough or your group DPS is low  do not bring interrupts.
  • Control Healer Needs to keep the group alive downstairs.  Also heals the DPS from the middle of the circle during pillar phases.
  • Boss DPS Responsible for pushing the boss to first, and second pillar phase.  If there no kickers assigned, then the DPS on the boss should also be interrupting power surge as often as possible, to reduce the stress on the healers that potentially interrupt as well.  DPS must kill the pillars from the center of the room, so the Control Healer can heal them accordingly.
  • Kickers –  assign two people at each side (preferable heavy armor classes) who will not go down with DPS group and will kick bosses. After getting 2-3 stacks one kicker must go downstairs with control group or dps to clear stacks, while second kicker will be kicking instead.
  • Heal Kickers –  If your raid group DPS is high enough, you can assign your healers for kicking. They need to go downstairs only on pillar phases to clear their stacks if they have too clear them at all. In this case DPS are focused more on Bosses than on Pillars on the Pillar Phases.


Fight Overview / Strat

Null Daemon gets a buff that increases its damage done with each stack.  Binary Daemon gets a buff that reduces its damage taken with each stack.  The raid is separated into three groups, Null boss group, Binary boss group, and control group.  Control group goes down to the add room, right before the adds spawn, to stack them up.  Control group calls the add group down to DPS the adds + probes that spawn, before they get to the other side of the room.  Every third add group will be a mini-boss, which all DPS should go down to kill. Do not forget to interrupt mini-bosses.

Pillar phase starts when either Daemon reaches 70% health.  The first pillar phase consists of three sets of two pillars that spawn. Each boss has to be taken to the pillar right as it’s killed, so the explosion that happens after it’s killed, purges their buffs.  The second pillar phase starts when either Daemon reaches 30% health, and consists of four sets of two pillars.  The goal for pillar phases is to have the DPS burn the pillars down quickly, while letting the System Daemons visit at least three pillars to be purged.  Before, in between, and after the pillar phases, the fight is mainly about controlling the add groups downstairs.



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