Volatility Lattice

Remilia Grim
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Volatility Lattice


Raid Composition  2 Tanks / 3-5 Healers / 13-15 DPS


Addons Raidcore

General Mechanic’s Data Devourers / Orbs / Exit Power / Walls / Jump Pads / Shield Pads


Challenge Malware Byter

  • Do not allow any Data Devourers to complete their cast, destroying a block underneath them.


Room Attacks

  • Disintegration Sequence (laser) – a high damage, slow moving circular telegraph that follows a random player.  Very dangerous if put on a Tank while Adds are out, or spawning. This time it is personal.
  • Null and Void (pillars) – Avatus wants to delete all the data (and you are the data!), so he will activate the four pillars around the room, stating that he is preparing to delete all data, this will wipe the raid if the pillars are not turned off. Did you miss the part where I am UNSTOPPABLE?
  • Obliterate cast after the intermission phase, the raid must hide behind the activated wall, and heal the wall to keep it alive. Healers near the wall, everyone else behind healers. Healers must heal the very center of the wall, as hitbox a bit bugged. Do NOT sit in front of the Healers as they try to keep the Walls healed through Obliterate.
  • Format C:/ this is the shield pad intermission phase. Occurs on 40% and 80%. Avatus puts large telegraphs around the room.  They will destroy blocks if someone from the raid is not standing in them with shield buff. Remember - there would be a beam after Wall Healing on 80%-phase, so run South (entrance side)!
  • Vertical Locomotion Enhancement this is the jump pad intermission phase. Occurs on 20% and 60%. Large laser walls move across the room from either end, be sure to do an extended double jump to avoid them. Hint: stack on the campfire near the Button (or two blocks to the entrance side from Button if there no campfire).


Add Attacks

  • Nullify – this is cast on the furthest target from the adds, that are still in range of the cast.  It will destroy however many blocks its dropped on.  Use a Healer (or ranged DPS) to bait out the Nullify casts, and be sure to drop it on one block only. If Adds are not dead while Wall Healing phase - move them and dps near the wall, but take someone to bait Nullify, or it will kill all your healers at once!
  • Data Buffer places an absorb shield on the adds, be sure to interrupt this for an easy moment of opportunity.



  • Add Tanks – Add tanking is simple enough, bring a taunt, an intimidate, and one interrupt.  If you get the Laser while tanking the Adds, try to run in a U shaped pattern, so the DPS can fight the adds in the middle of it while you run.
  • Add DPS Bring interrupts, interrupt Data Buffer on the Adds, be sure to assist with Data Devourers while Adds are dead.
  • Puller DPS one Add DPS on each side who is pulling one Add to tank. They are clicking Pillars (Null and Void) as well.
  • Add Healer Heal tank and dps, while standing far away from a group near the edge. Your job is to bait all cast of Nullify on you, so there would be no holes in the central area. You can get 2 Nullifies in a row, be careful!
  • Float Healer Heal where necessary, be careful of Nullify casts.
  • All Healers Must have single target heals or big heals that can heal NPC (or spammable heals like Mind Over Body for espers, but remember: Reverie does not work on NPC).
  • Data Devourer DPS Bring one or two interrupts, and a movement skill.  If the Data Devourer is about to finish its cast, interrupt it one time to reset its cast. Coordinate with the Add DPS for the phase push at 20/40/60/80% Exit Power.  DO NOT let a Data Devourer finish its cast, this will lose the challenge! On this duty mostly would be ranged DPS. If you an Esper - take Mind Burst instead of BD or TStorm. If your class can heal - take one builder/spammable spell to your LAS to help with healing the Wall after Intermission phases.


Fight Overview / Strat

Volatility Lattice is more of an encounter, than a boss fight.  This encounter is split into two combined sections, room mechanics, and add mechanics.

The room mechanics start with Avatus summoning a Laser on a randomly selected player, and spawning Data Devourers to be killed.  The Laser will follow a player for a set period of time, have the raid try to keep it out of high traffic areas if possible.  Data Devourers appear randomly, six at a time, around the room.  They spawn in quadrants, one in South East, South West, East, West, North East, and North West.   The Data Devourers are directly connected to the challenge, so be sure to manage them well.  If one finishes its cast, it will destroy a block underneath it, leaving a hole for the raid to worry about as it moves around the room.  When the Data Devourer DPS kill them, they drop an orb that increases the room Exit Power.  When the Exit Power reaches 20/40/60/80%, it will activate the intermission phase.  There are two possible intermission phases that rotate, a jumping phase, and a shield phase.  During the jumping phase, Avatus sends two large laser walls across the room, destroying anything in their path.  You must be sure to run over the jump pad, and double jump at the correct time to avoid hitting the laser.  During the shield phase, Avatus spreads large AOE telegraphs around the room, that players must stand in.  If no players is in a telegraph, it will destroy up to three blocks of the area that the player is not in.  After the intermission phases come the Walls.  There are four Walls around the room, one North, South, East, and West.  The raid must run, and stand behind the activated wall, to avoid getting killed by Avatus.  While the raid is standing behind a Wall, the Wall will take damage.  The Healers must constantly heal the wall, to keep it from being destroyed, which will wipe the raid.

The add mechanics are a little more simple.  Four adds will spawn periodically, two on the North, and Two on the South.  Each add should have a DPS aggro them, and quickly get to the Tanks, so the Tanks can taunt them.  While the adds are fighting the DPS groups, they will cast Nullify, a skill that destroys a block underneath it.  Nullify will be cast on the furthest target in range from each add.  Try to have a ranged DPS or Healer stand a few blocks away from the DPS groups, to bait Nullify, and drop it in a safe spot.  The adds will cast Data Buffer to put in absorb shield on themselves, be sure to interrupt that for a moment of opportunity.  The tricky part about the adds, is you don’t want to bring them into intermission phases.  The DPS groups need to coordinate with the Data Devourer DPS, and only be sure to pick up Orbs to push the 20/40/60/80% marks, when the adds are either low on life, or dead.