Experiment X-89

Remilia Grim

Experiment X-89

 Short Recap:

1. Install RaidCore addon.

2. When you have small circle under you - go to the outter side of the field, run away when it unsticked from you.

3. If you have big circle (big bomb) on you - jump down from platform. Bomb will blow up and throw you up. If you will not do this - everyone will die.

4. Take movement spell, you dont need any interrupts here.

5. Don't stay too close to boss or you will die to shatter.

6. Dodge red.

Full Guide:

Raid Composition  1-2 Tanks / 2-3 Healers / 15-17 DPS

Addons Raidcore

General Mechanic’s Big Bomb / Small Bomb / Knockback

Challenge Skywalker

  • Defeat boss with loosing less than 30 hexagons.


Experiment X-89 Abilities

  • Resounding Shout (Knockback) – X-89 will cast this spell at the very begining and then repeatedly during the encounter. Boss will charge for 2.8 seconds and release huge knockback and moderate amount of raid wide damage. If you spring right before knockback and after  you will reduce the distance you are knocked back. Movement abilities will help you here. Be aware of being knocked off the platform!
  • Mighty Leap – Boss will leap on the person with highest threat if it will be too far away from him. This will knockdown all nearby players. Be aware of this, because X-89 can cast any other his spells after landing.
  • Corruption Globule (Small Bomb) – random player (but not the one with highest threat) will receive a circular telegraph. At the end of its cast telegraph would lay down on one hexagon and then explode, destroying it. Person with Small Bomb must move away from raid to the sides of platform and place it there.
  • Strain Bomb (Big Bomb) – random player will receive a huge circular telegraph. Player with this must jump from platform to the water under it. It will explode and turn that player back on the battlefield. If person will Big Bomb will not jump from platform  it will destroy almost all hexagons and, mostly, wipe the raid. Every 4th Big Bomb would be on the tank. Second tank must taunt X-89 when this happens. This can be one-tanked  main tank must use taunt at the moment he jumping from platform and after that press intimidate right before landing back. But that is tricky, better just use two tanks.
  • Repugnant Spew – boss will select random player and start casting a cone-shaped telegraph while rotating around. Just do not stay on it.
  • Shattering Shockwave – long line telegraph will target current tank and deal high amount of damage. It will destroy last haxagon it hits. Spell can not be dodged, so tank must navigate this spell carefully. Around boss there will be a circle too, so stalkers be careful!
  • Superheated Vapor Dispersion – Small raid wide damage that can not be avoided. Boss will cast it more often the less health it have.



  • Main Tank – Build aggro and move boss to the side of platform (1-3 hexagons away from the side). Every 4th Big Bomb would spawn on you, so second tank must taunt for the duration. Then you intimidate boss again.
  • Second Tank – This may be Off-tank, must taunt/intimidate boss while main tank is dealing with Big Bomb.
  • DPS – stay behind the boss, place Small Bombs.
  • Healers – Heal. Tank healer must stay at the side of the tank, closer to center, as Shattering Shockwave could easily kill you.


Fight Overview / Strat

Fight will start from raid group running through the bridge and Experiment X-89 casting Knockback. After cast is ended - bridge would be destroyed, so be fast and use your sprint! Right after this tank must build some aggro while moving boss to the side of platform, DPS can hold their Cooldowns until boss is placed correctly. It is a light DPS-check, so try not to die, as if you have low DPS - hexagons can just end.




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