Challenge Rooms

Remilia Grim


After you kill Phagemaw/Phagetech Guardians one of two ways will be opened for each Guardian.  So there total of 4 possible Challenge rooms and you can get only 2 of them per week.


  • Eldan Centrifuge; Venn Diagram of Power - Stand in three overlapping Nanite Empowerment fields in the Eldan Centrifuge. [3-Circles, kill floaters]
  • Paragons of Symbiosis; Alone in the Dark - Defeat the Paragons of Symbiosis without anyone in the raid being hit by a Reverberating Shockwave. [Interrupt all of them after Blind]
  • Dog Room; Who Let the Dogs Out? - Kill 7 Corrupted Beasts within 10 seconds. [Dogs, hit pillars not dogs]
  • Nanite Room; Ah! That's the Stuff! - Clear the Nanite-Filled Room without anyone in the raid taking damage from another player's Nanite Injection. [Tank pulling mobs out]

  • Phageborn Brute; Death from Above - Fight your way through the Archive Defense Systems without anyone in the raid getting hit by a Security Defense Beam; [Summon to Mini or lure it outside, lazzors]


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