Kuralak the Defiler

Remilia Grim

Kuralak the Defiler

 Short Recap:

1. If it is Prime 0, then most likely you will be on Pillars duty. If it is Prime 1, most likely you will not be on Pillars. This means - run to one of 6 outter Pillars (ask group to show you), take 1 interrupt. Do not stay too close, you will die to initial explosion. You will be Blinded, after blind is out - come closer to pillar and use your kick on boss (she will be stealthed). Don't be in hurry after that, dodge lasers, move to center.

2. Never ever interrupt boss after Pillars.

3. Stun only 1 egg when called. Don't interrupt first few eggs. When you have egg debuff - you will receive huge damage each second, but you will do double damage yourself, so better to give eggs to big dps, they can do better damage with it and this damage is needed to kill the boss.

4. When all the floor is red (Outbreak) - run behind green pillar to safety (raid lead will call one).

Full guide:

Raid Composition 1-2 Tanks / 2-4 Healers / 14-17 DPS

 Addons Raidcore

 General Mechanic’s Eggs / Pillars / Outbreak

 Challenge Deadly Dance Revolution

  • Defeat Kuralak the Defiler without anyone getting hit by Overload or Tainted Ventilation.


Boss Abilities and Mechanics

  • Tainted Ventilation (Lasers)  All pillars will explode and spawn 4 lasers from each of them. Lasers on inner pillars would always spin in clockwise direction and lasers on outter pillars would spin in random direction. Lasers will do lethal damage, but they are easy to avoid.
  • Vanish Into Darkness (Pillars) – Kuralak will Blind everyone and disappear from center while teleporting behind one of outer pillars in stealth. Players need to interrupt her. Assign 6 players on pillars. Kuralak will start fight with this spell as well, so those 6 assigned players must be on pillars before fight starts - however, pillars would explode when Kuralak pulled, so they must be at a safe range from pillars.
  • Cultivate Corruption (Eggs) – Kuralak will tur all players with Chromosome Corruption debuff into the eggs. If there no players with debuff she will randomly chose player and turn him into egg. Player in egg will receive medium damage overtime and Egg must be interrupted. Player in Egg and player who interrupted any egg - both will receive debuff called Chromosome Corruption. So every cast of this spell - amount of eggs would be doubled (1, then 2, then 4, then 8, then 16). This is enrage mechanics of this boss, on 16 eggs it is a wipe.
  • Chromosome Corruption – This debuff will do moderate damage over time (7~10k) on a specific player and will give them +100% of their damage and healing output. Players who have this debuff will instantly die if they try to interrupt any eggs. If a player with debuff will die - random player will be turned into an egg. Players with highest DPS must be assigned to interrupt first eggs.
  • DNA Siphon – Tank swap mechanics. If not a tank interrupt this spell this will cause a wipe, so DPS or Healers must never interrupt Kuralak at all (only interrupt eggs, not the boss). Person who interrupt this spell will match the top threat and lower threat of everyone else in the party. This spell will stun the current tank and do huge damage over time (it can be one tanked if your tank and heal both overgearing GA and can survive through this spell). And because Kuralak is immune to taunts and Intimidate spells - second tank must interrupt this spell. 
  • Outbreak – Instant kill spell with only safe spots behind the pillars. Be aware as some pillars could explode and there would be no safe spot behind them. Additionally be sure that everyone is going behind same pillar as people with Cromosome Corruption DoT debuff would just die if not receiving any heals.
  • Putrid Discharge – when peroson with Egg dying - whole raid will receive massive amount of damage (and person in egg taking damage as well, so if egg not interrupted - dead).
  • Vileness – Through the whole fight Kuralak will cast this spell continuously. She will target 3 random players with small circle telegraphs. They will do small amount of damage and apply a debuff for 5 seconds. If you get hit by it second time you will receive high amount of damage and massive slow debuf. Especially dangerous this spell on the First Phase, while spinning Lasers are active.
  • Overload – at the beginning of the fight pillars would explode. And during Phase 2 pillars would explode and leave contaminated zone around them for a long duration.



  • Main Tank – Start the fight and build threat first, because Kuralak is immune to taunt and intimidate spells. Be sure to build decent threat because it would be almost impossible to return threat once it lost (and cause a wipe).
  • Second Tank – interrupt DNA Siphon spell and then you are main tank until next DNA Siphon cast.
  • DPS – Do not die. Less people alive - less damage you do and less people to interrupt eggs. Never interrupt boss.
  • Healers – Heal.


Fight Overview / Strat

Fight will start by Kuralak casting Vanish Into Darkness after initial Pillar Explosion. Assigned six people must wait her on pillars and interrupt her there. After interrupting - safely return to the center avoiding all lasers. When there would be 8 or less seconds to next cast of Vanish Into Darkness - you need to go to the pillar where you were initialy and wait for Blind, after Blind goes off - interrupt. On the second phase be aware of exploding pillars and Outbreak casts. People with eggs must not stack together as then it would be very hard to interrupt only one egg (and if you interrupt two eggs - you'll die). It is DPS-check fight so stay alive, as dead DPS = no DPS.


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