Phage Maw

Remilia Grim

Phage Maw

 Short Recap:

1. On the fight start and after every midphase, one of the raiders will get additional skill (it is at same place where your housing buttons are, default hotkey is ctrl+F1). This skill will create shield that will save your team from Phagemaw falling damage (it is instakill). In the center of the room there will be campfire. When everyone is on  the campfire - you should use this skill, it will shield up everyone in small circle around you and save from death. Everyone outside the shield will die.

2. All the time be behind the boss and dodge the "cleaver" telegraph.

3. Stay in the Defensive Grid all the time, or you can die to bombs exploding.

4. During midphase - collect gas reservoirs. If you've collected one - you will be rooted and will not be able to move. You need to face to the one of three generators and press additional button (same as shield in #1) to throw them away. All 3 generators need to be filled until Phagemaw is flying. After they all are filled one person will get a shield. And everyone need to stack up in the middle on the campfire. If it is not done in time, Phagemaw will fall down and kill everyone (generators are filling your "shield" ability energy).

5. Some self defensive buffs can be usefull if you have a space to fit them. No kicks needed, no movement spells needed.

6. If you are on Bombs group - make sure that all bombs have different health so they are blowing up not at the same time. Try to be healed and be in DGrid near the raid when explosions are happening. All Bombs should be dead before next wave and all bombs (except 1) should be dead before Phagemaw will start midphase (all bombs will explode when PM is going up).

 Full Guide:

Raid Composition  1 Tank / 3-5 Healers / 14-16 DPS


Addons Raidcore

General Mechanic’s Bombs / Safe Orb

Challenge Clear the Air

  • Defeat Phage Maw without allowing him to fly for more than 30 seconds at a time.


Boss Abilities and Mechanics

  • 1  
  • 2 – 
  • 3 – 
  • 4 – 
  • 5 – 
  • 6 – 
  • 7 – 



  • Tank – Boss will leave a trail after every autoattack, so tank need to slowly sidestep, slowly spinning boss around. Tank need to be careful about threat, or Boss will leave a damage field in the raid. Engineer tank is preferable.
  • Bomb Squad – your job is to make sure that bombs are not blowing up at the same time. Be careful and get heals before going. Every normal phase will have 3 waves of bombs, when midphase is starting - all bombs that are on ground will explode. Be sure that there no more than 2 bombs alive when that happening.
  • DPS – are staying behind the boss all the time, dodging cleaver telegraph and staying in the Defense Grid.
  • Raid Healers – same as dps, raid should be healed to full before next bomb explosion. You can assist healing tank and bomb squad if your range allow this. Shield healing and absorbs are reccomended.
  • Bomb Healer – your main job is to heal bomb squad, follow them all the time, and do not forget to get healed to full and stay in DGrid near the main raid group.
  • Tank Healer – Either medic (because armor and shield healing) or long ranged healer who can reach tank from raid inbetween bomb explosions. Your job is to make tank not die and to heal tank to full after every bomb.


Fight Overview / Strat



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