Phagetech Prototypes

Remilia Grim

Phagetech Prototypes

 Short Recap:

1. There are 4 bosses in this combat, but there will be only 2 bosses active at a time. Every time boss is becoming active, it will cast special spell that is need to be dealt with.

2. First boss to appear will be Commander. On appearing 5 pairs (10 players) will be selected and they will be linked to each other with links. They will deal more damage each second to both players until link is broken. To break link, players need to run away from each other.

3. After initial cast, Commander will cast spell called "Forced Production". It need to be interrupted. If it is not kicked - other boss that is active, will instantly spawn bots twice. Commander will cast Destruction Protocol spell that will root tank, it is similar to Octog's Shred. Tank need to use cooldowns here.

4. Second boss to appear is Augmentor. It will put 5 random non-top threat players to the color room (need to be taunted instantly or can send there a tank). In color room each player will have different shapes with different colors above their head, they need to run as fast as they can (sprint, dodgeroll and jump) to the Orbs with same color and shape and stay there until all 5 players got to their orbs. After completing Color Room, players will start leaving damage increasing buffs under them for a period - try to put them near the raid, but do not overstack them (on Prime 0 difficulty - stack all the buffs at same spot of all 5 players, as they are stacking) - because Bores of Augmentor will destroy stacked people. Vigor gadget is dropping from Color Room challenge, so make sure to do it as fast as you can, so there will be a chance on drop BiS gadget for most DPS and tank (Re-Breather is still better for Espers and Engineers).

5. After initial cast, Augmentor will spawn healing bots. Those bots need to be stunned and killed fast. If bots will reach the other boss, they will heal them all for huge amount of health.

6. Augmentor often will be casting Phagetech Borer spell, targegting 5 players at each wave. They are dealing huge damage, so do not stack, or you will all die. This is very dangerous combined with next boss spells.

7. Next will spawn Protector. On appearing it will cast Singularity - 10 players will be moved into the circle with center. Center and borders of circle will be growing in sizes until kill everyone. Center of the Singularity need to die as fast as possible. If you are not in singularity, you still can reach the center and dps it.

8. After initial cast, Protector will sometimes cast Pulse-A-Tron spell. It will throw everyone away and start spawning waves of the projectiles around. Dodge them, or move under the boss, there is circle with safe spot. Be sure to not overstack, as Bores will kill you. At some point Protector will swap places with different boss, just wait until bosses come back to their tanks, do not panic, move or taunt wrong boss.

9. Next boss will spawn is Fabricator. On spawn it will cast "Flairs" (Techno-Phage Catalyst spell). 10 small telegraphs will spawn around the boss (can spawn far). Each Flair need to be soaked by 1 person (so someone need to stand in each circle). If Flair is soaked - it will deal 30k damage to person (can crit). If Flair is NOT soaked it will deal double the damage (60k) to the whole raid, and Flair will appear again until it soaked. This means, raid need to spread around and soak them. Be sure to use Healing Pots here, as heals will not be able to reach everyone here. Fabricator will always appear during, right before or right after Pulse-A-Tron spell of Protector, so make sure not to take a lot damage there.

10. After initial caast Fabricator will spawn Destructo Bots. Those need to be focused and killed in most cases. If bot is not killed, it is going to a random spot on a battlefield and exploding with huge aoe telegraph that will stay there for 90 seconds. So if you miss few bots, whole map can be covered in deadly red. Unlike healing bots, they can not be stunned. If Commander finish Forced Production cast - 2 bots will be spawned instantly, instead 1 bot at a timer.

11. After this fight repeats and bosses will be appearing at the same order, starting from Commander. If fight is not over in 2 full cycles (or maybe 3, can't remember exactly), next cycle bosses will stop to deactivating, so you will be fighting all 4 at some point.

 Full Guide:

Raid Composition  1-2 Tanks / 3-4 Healers / 13-15 DPS


Addons Raidcore

General Mechanic’s 


  • Production Halted – Defeat the Phagetech Prototypes without allowing the Phagetech Commander to cast Forced Production;
  • Phagetech Phasedancer – Defeat the Phagetech Prototypes without anyone remaining in the Phase Realm [Color Room] for more than 10 seconds;
  • Event Horizon – Defeat the Phagetech Prototypes without allowing a Gravitational Singularity to survive for more than 15 seconds;
  • Cut the Red Wire – Defeat the Phagetech Prototypes while destroying each Destructo Construct [Bots] within 5 seconds of its creation.


Boss Abilities and Mechanics

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