Essences and Primal Matrix

Remilia Grim

Work in Progress

Very useful addon is Misch Essences.

Primal Matrix is a new mechanics, that was added in Drop 8. Main changes there is essenses, Matrix, prime scaling content and prime scaling gear.

There are 4 types of essenses. Three of them are normal and one special. Normal ones are: Viridan (green), Cobalt (blue) and Crimson (red) essenses. Special one is Violet essense. Normal essenses you can get from doing daily zones, killing bosses in raids, doing any prime content. Dungeons and expeditions have multiplier for Normal essenses that is changing every 3 or 4 hours, so it is possible to fill them in any day. Special essense is Violet one, it is neede for special nodes, which will unlock next hexagon with normal essenses. Violet essenses are reseted every 3 days (with only exception for "random normal dungeon" which resets every 24 hours). Because of this, it is important to do all Violet Essense bonuses first. You can see what dungeon or expeditions have bonuses by opening Content Finder (press N) and selecting "Bonus Rewards" tab. Every day for normal essenses and every 3 days for special essense - one of the World Bosses will have bonus for them (x10 for normal). Do not forget, that Queues are not working, so find groups in /n (global Nexus chat). You can see groups that are searching players for "Prime rotation" or "Rota", this is group that will do all dungeons that is in the Bonus tab for this hour. If you want to join one - ask what prime level they are going (if you are new, then prime 0-2 are good for you, never go in groups with p9+, except when someone want to carry you in expedition).

Primal Matrix is the passive skills tree, that you can access from menu list (it is better to set special keybinding for this, so it will be much faster to open Matrix window). Each node require some amount of essenses and providing some stat and health after selecting. There are special Violet nodes and essense - this one is unlocking two extra skills or additional AMPs and APs. Different classes and roles want to get different Violets nodes first, check class guides or ask in guild to clarify.

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Primal Dungeon and Expedition scaling is the level of it. Each Prime Level is adding more health and damage for mobs, but it is increasign lowest drop itemlevel by 5 leves. So if you have ilvl 65 dropping from prime 0 expedition, on prime 4 it will drop at least ilvl 85 gear. Prime level is tied up with Matrix, more Matrix unlocked you have - more Heroism points you have. And more heroism level you have - less penalties you are getting for going higher prime levels. Every point spent in Matrix is adding +25 Heroism. Every prime level is adding +10% to dropped normal essenses. Maximum itemlevel is dropping from Prime 13. It is ilvl 130 for expeditions and ilvl 145 for dungeons. Every Prime gear have a chance to roll +5 itemlevels, and after that it can roll again, up to ilvl 170. Chance that was declared is 25% per roll, so there is 25% chance to get +5, 6.25% to get +10, 1.5625% to get +15 ilvls, and so on. 

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