Remilia Grim

"How to hide headgear?"

  -- Wildstar #1 asked question in global chat

Holo-Wardrope is Wildstar is a bit different to most MMO's.

Here you can learn any piece of gear you own and wear its costume forever, even if you destraoy that gear or will be running around with no gear at all.

First of all, you need to check your costume. To do that press P (Character Info screen), and there where "Stats" open that tab and select "Costumes", press "Holo-Wardrobe" button there. Select there Costume X, and press "equip". If you press Eye it will hide piece of gear. If you press on piece of gear it will open all your unlocked items for that specific slot, you can choze one and then dye it the way you like.

To unlock costume press alt/ctrl and with right mouse button click on item you want to learn costume, there would be options "learn to holo-wardrobe" and "preview item".


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