Entering Redmoon Terror

Remilia Grim

About itemlevel 130 and higher gear in general and currencies you get inside Redmoon Terror specificaly.

Unlike previous raids and previous gear/ruens - when you are starting to get ilvl 130+ gear and triloons, it is easy to make big mistakes and spend a lot of money or triploons into nothing and just waste them. So here few tips and explanations about your priorities and how things are working.

1. Reputation.

You should aim to get 8000 reputation with Bloodied (or at least 4000). You can get 50 reputation (and chance of rare pet) from daily on an asteroid where raid entrance is. So you should do that daily until you reach 4000 reputation. To get 8000 reputation you can search for "slank farm" groups or made one on our non-raiding days. Every miniboss is giving you 50 reputation, and every boss 250 (or later 500).

With 4000 reputation you can buy very good Support System and later - Risen Class Minors (they will improve DPS by ALOT).

2. Triploons.

For every miniboss kill you get a triploon, for every boss you get 5 triploons (200 triploons at a time is a cap). You need them for the next items:

a) Risen Class Set Minor. Each cost 10 triploons and you can buy them from Reputation Vendor when you have 4000 reputation with bloodied. They are strong improvement of DPS/Healing/Tanking, so you should aim on this first. They can be put only in Pants, Shoulders or Head. So you should think about farming 8000 rep to get reputation ilvl 130 pants, or hope to be lucky enough to get ilvl 130+ shoulders or pants from Datascape or Dungeons.

b) Redmoon Insignia key. It will give you +10 itemlevels on weapon worth of power. So it is very significant.

c) Gear upgrade coins. When you get Token Gear from RMT it is ilvl 135, but with this coins you can upgrade gear to ilvl 150.

d) At this point you should have 16k reputation and 130+ ilvl headpiece. You can buy Risen Class Major for 20 triploons and put it + one Risen Class Minor + Fusion rune into your headgear.

3. Risen Rune sets.

Risen Rune sets are working a bit different to previous rune sets. You can have only ONE of a type Risen Set Major in your gear. So if you have Ruination Major in your hands, you will not be able to put Ruination Major in any other piece of your gear, so plan your runes very carefully. If it is piece of gear with fusion rune - try to put there Major + Minor. While in gear with no fusions (like Feet, or maybe gloves) - you can put 3 Minors or 2 Minors + 1 Major. Try to never put one Major to get 2/3 set, always try to get 3/3 in gear with Major runes (sometimes it is better to put 2/3 Major, for example if it is from healing set and you are using it for DPS).

Risen Class sets are working a bit different as well - you can put them only in shoulders, legs (pants) and head. So if you are planning on improving your Pure or Divine class sets - be sure to have at least two of those items on ilvl 130+ to put those runes in (first ilvl 130 item you will need for Risen Class set).

Many people don't know about this Risen Set and Risen Class Set unique mechanics, so they are spending money and gear on them and learning it the hard way (you can't trade or sell wasted runes/triploons). But you can avoid those loses by reading and understanding this guide.


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