Y83, Short Version

Remilia Grim

Check full guide for more detailed information!

General Mechanics

    0. I am firing mah laser! So do not be incinerated with laser (it called Organic Incinerator for a reason).

    1. If you get hit by circle telegraph twice - you will die. So try to avoid it if it targets other players (pretend it is Purge of System Daemons, work similar way, just instantly kills you if you get hit twice per boss). If you have a circle and hit players with debuf, you will kill them and in 90% cases wipe the raid, so avoid being near them until you get the debuff.

    1.5. After you being hit with the circle/spikes - you will get the debuff called Strain Incubation. So if you have one - go to the X mark (you should have RaidCore Addon installed!) and stack with other players to be healed. 

    2. Do not stand on the X mark if you do not have the debuff called Strain Incubation (you get the debuff after you being hit with circle telegraph with spiky animation).

    3. Do NOT stand on the X mark without the debuff. 

    4. Never be on the X mark if you do not have the debuff.

    5. After the pull to the boss (happens when corrupted boss is reaching 60% or 20% health), always go the same way - maze is always the same. It aligned to the center. So remember the pattern and do not die.

    6. Be sure to swap to the Violet/Purple boss after you get the maze. Swap to same position you was on the start of the fight (especially if it marked on the spreadsheet). Be on same place on every boss. After swap - you will not have Strain Incubation debuff anymore. Same for entering the "bath" telegraph. So do not be on X mark after this.

    7. Take "shower"/"bath" when called that bath is near - it is Hazard Sign looking green telegraph on the floor. Take it before the last push, it is very important!

    8. Do not stand on the X mark until you get the the debuff.

    9. If you wasn't hit by the circle yet, stay on your side of the Boss (chec spreadsheet picture) and do not be on the X mark.

    10. Ah ye, almost forgot - do not be on X mark if you do not have the debuff.

Raid Groups

    Main DPS Group - Until you get Strain Incubation debuff spread loosely around your safe spot (marked on the sheet), do not be close to X mark, do not be too far away from other people to get heals and to have better time dodging laser.

    Floating Group - Optional group. Right before the burn phase, you will go on non-Violet bosses and push their health to 1-3%, and when the final burn will start - you will kill those bosses and then return to the main group.

    Trim Group - Optional group. After swapping to the next boss, you are not swapping and staying on previous one and dpsing it until it will have less HP than third boss. After that you are joining main group again. At hte final Phase you are doing same job as Floating Group, so read them as well. If you get big circle telegraph on you - it is the "bath"/"shower" - try to put it closer to the raid on other boss.

    Laser Kickers - Person or Persons who are responsible to kick Organic Incinerator (in the center) to disable its laser shortly. Laser should not hit the bosses, or it will be a wipe most likely. Laser should not hit the group as well. Laser is near next boss every 12-13 seconds (so 35-40 seconds full turn). Most of the times this job is done by healers (or if you overgearing fight, you can go with one special warrior tank with special build, who can kick every time). It have 1 Interrupt Armor, so you need to have 2 interrupts or tier 4 interrupt with 2IA power.

    Tanks - Be sure to swap bosses on Swap. Point telegraphs from the boss to the sides where Beam is active or Boss weill get too many stacks and oneshot you. Check full guide.

    Healers - Heal the group, especially heal the X mark (Voidspring and Rejuvenator are good spells here). If you are kicking, always track the Laser and be ready to kick when needed, or you may cause a wipe. Check Laser Kickers group as well. If you get big circle telegraph on you - it is the "bath"/"shower" - try to put it closer to the raid on other boss. If you are not healing the raid, be on your tank/boss.

Full guide with detailshttps://www.origination-jabbit.com/index.php/Guides/Y-83/Hardmentors/ 


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