New core and raiding

Remilia Grim

Summer always was a tough time for any guilds in MMO's. And we were no exception. Summer took some folks, but only to fill empty spaces with fresh blood.

During last month we've overcome many challenges and started successfully raiding. All our last raids had 17-18 members of our guild, and almost no pugs. Most of them were new to raiding or new to Wildstar. But all of them have proven: they are all fastlearners. And in despite all of them have low gear levels and no experience — we are finishing raids on Ohmna attempts. Even cruel and horrifying Convergence got slain by our hands. A bit more gear and experience — and even Ohmna will fall during our two raiding days. And last of raid time we will spend in incredibly beautiful Datascape. We will kill Probes to get some 116 ilvl gear. And will try to kill System Daemons. We were once with new roster on them for 2 hours, and we managed to go through second Pillar Phase! That is huuuge. Everyone now has some experience from them, especially tanks, so they must be not that much a problem anymore. That means they will fall eventually under pressure of our claws and psyblades! And after Daemons killed — whole beauty of Datascape will be open. With experience of our officers and raidleader, we will cut throug Avatus's minioun like knife throug butter.

And at the time when Redmoon Terror would be fully released and major bug fixes become true (and of course there would be bugs! Nothing is Purrrfect. Except me, ofc) — we will be ready to meet space pirate fleet and make a stand on their flagship. And, oh the Holy God Drusera, we will give them a fight! Mordechai will pay for all his lasers and wipes in Skullcano! We will kill him. Again. This time — completely. And we'll show Laveka who is real badass on this planet Nexus!

Long road is seen ahead of us. But very fun road, full of joy, discoveries and excitement. And all of this happend only because of you, in general and each of you personaly. Because guild is like a family, our family.

In anticipation of new wins, sincerely yours

- Cat Master, Purrrfect


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