Remilia Grim

Today is a big day for the new core!

System Daemons, the Gatekeepers, were downed for the first time! And now the Gates have opened to us, so we can enjoy wild and beautiful world of Datascape. More bosses there to conquer, more challenges to complete.

We have done a great job from wiping on Kuralak for few days to clearing GA in one day and killing these monsters - System Daemons. It took us near 200 wipes this time, even with overgear from contracts. The hardest thing here was getting a stable roster - people were comming and going away all the time. But only those who remained - became victorious.

That was a long way but it was totaly worth it. I am happy that we are going forward now, and the biggest boulder in our way is gone.

So lets enjoy this cool raid and looking forward for Avatus kill.

- Cat Master, Purrrfect


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