Quest Completed

Remilia Grim

Congratulations everyone! We did it, we won the game :p

Every single boss has become deaded with our help, with Laveka and Organic Incinerating Prime Evolutionary Operants being the last ones.

It was long and hard road, with assembling new core and reprogressing everything few times, but we did it.

I want to give special thanks for people who were staying with me from the very beginning: Fire, Miralex, Gnome, Elvira, Nix. And to people who’ve joined us a bit later and were staying since: Willie, Rita, Chris. as well as to people who were helping us in our darkest times: Gigawoot, Alice, Hoito, Saviour, Carp. And of course I want to thank everyone who joined us later, progressed with us and had fun in our raids!

Nothing more to say, we cleared everything, we saw all the content game can offer. Good game, good times.

In future plans just chill raiding 1-2 times a week.

Sincerely yours
-- Cat Master, Purrrfect

Laveka Killshot

Hardmentors killshot


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