Stranger Aeons


Death has died. It's over.

With this, I'm done. I was done long ago, but I wanted to see it to the end, and we did. Thank each and every single one of you present for the kill, sticking around, filling, developing, whatever.

Even if my voice is in no condition to express it, I love Laveka as a fight. This is the way it should end, not garbage like Mordechai or Starmap. We broke down the phases, did them one by one, and kept it under control to the very end.

Long story short, everything went right, all we needed was a bunch of overtime.

I'd like to toss special thanks to the most ancient of core, Gnome, Miralex, Fire and Remi, and whoever else I might be missing who cares. Especially to the officers for doing all the organization, there would be no way otherwise.

Our new core, you know who you are. In the current generation of "raiders" who don't know their kick from their fucking cleanse, you performed, learned, and listened. Especially to Anni for sticking as a maintank, again.

Thanks to our fills, half of them being practically guildies at this point. Hoito for tanking and backseat raidleading me to correct calls in no time. 

To the people who thought they knew better, who left in pursuit of gear and carrying, to those who left due to gear at a point where we don't even need it, if you ever come across this article, eat shit and die. None of us miss you.

And that's that. See you never.

God bless.


Willie Misthand
Rip in pepperoni Elvira, I'll miss your rants

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