Drusera has lost

Remilia Grim


Entity is taking over the world. Soon it will end.

However, until it ends completely we still have a bunch of time.

Our plans for forseable future are next:

1. For first time nothing will be changed in our schedule.

2. We will try to finally kill Ohmna.

3. Near the world destruction date by NCSoft the Entity we will make some fun raids. Among those:

3a. Doing Datascape full alts with DPS stops to see all the mechanics.

3b. Doing GAp0 instead main raid start to imbue gloves. With all 4 bosses cleaved on Convergence!

3c. Killing Hardmentors P0 on charst to finally got gloves whoever missed.

3d. Killing Swabbie legit way with big DPS stops, to see all mechanics and stuff.

3e. We have guild Warplot. We can try make one happening, hah!

4. Enjoying the hell of the game until we still can!

5. We can start making some non-raid events for stuff like Hellrose Brawl, GotG, Lightspire quest and other 5-20man quests, just to show them to people who never saw them!

Remember, you can use KatiaBuilderToolkit to save your housing plots (instructions in our Guild Discord, to join check Guild Info in game). If private server ever happening.

--  Cat Mistress, Purrrfect


Remilia Grim
So first two steps are completed! Even Gravitron is dead!


It was a pleasure raiding with, and knowing you, Ladies and Gentlemen. I enjoyed my stay

Added to the bucket list.

Skynet Healer
Just do it!!! :D