Engine heat you said?

Remilia Grim

Robomination is finally killed! It was awile since Swabbie was dead for the first time, mostly because roster boss and all new people needed all that gear and experience. But eventually boss died and progress has been done.

And now the doors are open and only Redmoon Engineers, the old janitors of Redmoon Raid, are between us and ship captain Mordechai. They used to be one of the hardest fights in the instance, the new System Daemons. However, time have passed, we got some gear improvements, we got Primal Matrix stat boosts, and people have learned a lot about fights. So now we are facing only miniature version of the fight, with good strats invented and tested. The fight is still hard, but it is much more manageable for us and with strat we choose - it is new people friendly, as only 7-8 people need to be good and everyone else needs just to survive. So even if we meet roster boss again - our progress will not be halted and we can learn fight more and even kill them in the end.

DPS check is very tight even nowadays, so we must improve our performance - beat dummies, check rotations, recheck stats and runes, improve AMP builds, and so on. And clear Datascape more times, of course - to gear up new players and to get chance of 130+ weapons and shields!

Dreadful Janitors are too old and covered with dust, lets kill them and then face Mordechai personally! And kick him once again for all those Terraformer lasers in Skullcano he thrown us through!

- Cat Master, Purrrfect


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