Another Corpse to Feed the Kill-count

Remilia Grim

Space was cold, Voracious was colder, and his dead body is even colder. And hopefully this coldness will cool down the heat of summer so all those slackers would come back from their vacations :D

Summer dislodged us from our regular Redmoon Terror schedule - 3-4 weeks per boss. All those vacations, game quits, seasonal works, drunken parties and other summer stuff made us struggle roster boss once again. However, once again this just slowed us and not stoped our progression. Everyone who is still here - made this possible and can be proud of themselves!

Another boss is dead, and only two more left to kill there. And only one more summer month to survive as well.

Next boss is Navigation Core, the hardest boss in the instance, is on our way now. But it will fall eventually with us victorious.

-- Cat Master, Purrrfect


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