Chief Warden Lockjaw

Remilia Grim

Chief Warden Lockjaw


Raid Composition 3-4 Healers / 16-17 DPS


Addons LUI BossMods

General Mechanic’s Spread around / Jump / Dodge red


Boss Abilities and Mechanics

  • No auto attacks – This miniboss does not have any autoattacks, so you do not need any tanks for this.
  • Earthquake Miniboss will constantly cast huge conus telegraph, facing one random player. It will do moderate damage if it hits. When telegraph hits the ground room will shake and the whole raid will receive little amount of damage. To avoid damage - you can jump, it will negate all damage, jumping while inside telegraph will only reduce damage.
  • Blaze Shackles Once in a while Miniboss will cast this spell. It will start creating circular telegraphs under random players every second for 6 seconds. Good way is to taunt boss during thits spell to reduce damage. Spell will do huge amount of damage and tether you in place (tethers have only 10k of HP). Try your best to dodge them, because earthquake + this one = you're dead. This cast will be casted more frequently (soft enrage). After 4~5 cast he will be casting it all the time.
  • Supercharged – (need more investigation, minor mechanic).



  • DPS – Spread around the room, do not stack on each other. To ease fight you may take 1 or 2 kicks and taunts (depends on how big your raid group dps output is), engi's can take UM to prolong stun duration.
  • Healers – Spread around 4 quadrants, so you can heal everyone, try to stay in a middle, to provide buffs to maximum raid members.


Fight Overview / Strat

 Spread around the room before the pull. Dodge earthquake telegraph and jump if you are low HP. If you are geared enough, you can ignore jumping while on full/high HP. Use your taunts to reduce damage from boss spells. Right after boss casts Blaze Shackles you can use your first kick too make dodging much more easier (it is easier to dodge circles when there no need to jump and dodge earthquake). On next cast - you will use your second kick (boss have 12 IA). Do not forget to use your taunts during Blaze Shackles cast to reduse huge damage from this spell. Just dodge red and it is an easy kill.




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