Torpedo Technician Dud'li

Remilia Grim

Torpedo Technician Dud'li


Raid Composition 1 Tank / 2-3 Healers / 16-17 DPS

Addons LUI BossMods

General Mechanic’s Missile Barrage, Adds

 Boss Abilities and Mechanics

  • Missile Barrage – Dud'li will focus four farthest from him targets and constantly will shoot to them with rockets. Healers or Engis must stay on maximum range, sidestepping from red every launch. All the raid must be close to the boss.
  • Summon Warheads Once in a while boss will summon Warhead. It will be one of two types: Flashbang or Radioactive. Warheads must be killed before they reach "ammo loading" part. They are doing high amount of raid damage, so be sure eaveyone is healed and have absorbs/shields up. You can even leave them with 50-100k hp and call out to kill/nuke when everyone is healed.

Boss Adds

  • Flashbang Warhead – Will do high amount of raid damage upon death. This will blind and disorient players for a short period of time. During that debuff you will be missing 50% of your attacks and heals.
  • Radioactive Warhead – Will do high amount of raid damage upon death and apply damage output reduction debuff (???) to players.



  • DPS – Stack on the boss and burn. DGrids can help, Stalker/Warrior can taunt bombs before explosion as well.
  • Ranged DPS Must clear out Warheads upon spawn. If you do not have enough ranged big DPS - make special group that will be killing Warheads.
  • Tank Move boss to Warhead spawning point, so you would cleave one and leave bomb on other side to explode on it own.
  • Healers – Be sure you are far away from raid, so you will bait Missile Barrage on you and will not hurt anyone with it.


Fight Overview / Strat

This is pretty easy fight, here only tank and spank. Be sure you are not killing Warheads too fast as it can wipe a raid. Healers or Heavy ranged must bait Missile Barrage, while raid nuking the boss.



Remilia Grim
Yes they are. We will see what that bombs do on our own, as I don't remember:3

So this and Munitions Specialist Luk'li are identical apart from the two warheads? What do the Caustic, Incendiary and Radioactive warheads do?