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RMT Guides List

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This will help you not waste money and triploons: https://www.origination-jabbit.com/index.php/Guides/Entering-redmoon-terror/ 

Swabbie Ski'Li, the Shredder:


https://www.origination-jabbit.com/index.php/--rmt/--swabbie/ - we will be burning, so everyone is Boss group! No kicks needed.

Robomination, the Trash:



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=442j-s83brA  - Robomination

Redmoon Engineers:

https://www.origination-jabbit.com/index.php/--rmt/--engis-tl-dr/  - you will be on SWORD group - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_Ayb9Q3Qs8 

Mordechai Redmoon, the Captain:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKDP4CTfVhk and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZ32d1VbRo8 


Star-Eater Voracious, the Octog:




And Navigation Core, the Starmap:




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyibcdXnS_M for melee

Laveka, the Dark-Hearted:

Fight is complex, but not hard. You just need to remember all the minor stuff and do your own easy and small job through out the fight (just like on Lattice). So check guides and videos! It is really important :3

https://origination-jabbit.com/index.php/--rmt/-laveka-tldr/  - Short Guide.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sFYRNtTNpi__Ke2uXMCfI9EQfrWKhzVFZSLWU17dxHQ/edit  - Guide #2.

And check videos after reading them!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pnq3MSYVJJk - multiple roles.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqFj1d2lgSE - downstairs tank and raid healer.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xy_R2bM8XXM - melee baiter for skeletons (ranged baiters check this one as well for better understanding when to bait).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9-5TQrrfoM - orb #5 collector and essence kicker, and rooting adds on boss.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnabQuaYNAE - tank with one of the tanking strats (you can kill Laveka in 20 different ways).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r67UjkGxGNM  - ranged skeleton baiter + orb collector.

Laveka short

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General Mechanics

1. Everything that is dying in the realm of living (upstairs) is not dying but going into realm of dead (downstairs). Everything that dying in the realm of dead - actually dying. That includes both enemies and players. So all adds needs to be killed twice. If people dying in the furnace - raid lead should chose one of the furnaces (we are using SE always), and all people should die there, so raid will know where to grapple/collapse/kill souls to let people downstairs go up after they finish their job. 

2. If player is dying upstairs - they leaving their Soul on the place of death. To be able to go from downstairs to upstairs - this soul need to be killed upstairs and collected downstairs. That soul should be grappled  by warriors, collapsed  by stalkers, spatialshifeed  by slingers, blackholed  by engineers, spatialshifted  by spellslingers or shockwaved  by espers closer to the middle. It is easy to spot souls as they are throwing white-ish spreaded projectales in the direction of the raid. They can not resurect and will die to debuff if you do not kill their soul. So it is important!

3. Void Essences - spawning randomly on people one by one. They have 1 interrupt armor, so need 2 kicks to be kicked. Upstairs they are oneshoting people, downstairs they are sucking into them nearby enemies and dealing very high amount of damage (you will die most likely even as tank). If they are not kicked, whole raid will be knocked back. This can easily mess people upstairs and fail mechanics and kill people downstairs. You need to kick actual Essense sphere after it spawned and not kick while it spawning. Type /raidc and there go Encounters, from there go Laveka, there put checkboxes on Essenses on both numbers for your designated kick (for example on "4" if you are 4th kicker). Essenses number 2 and 5 are spawning during Death Orbs, so put ranged kicker on those.

4. Death Orbs - six spinning orbs are spawned and orbiting around center of the room. Raid need to be in point blank range to Laveka right inside the middle of the room. If orb hits person, it stunning them and orb stops to spin. When cast ended - if not all orbs stopped, they explode and kill raid. If all orbs stopped - all players in telegraph of orbs are getting killed. So it is important to collect orbs upstairs and never downstairs (so you will be killed and sent down). Healers should be very careful and cleanse people in Orbs before they are sent down, as they will die to debuff almost instantly. Orbs are spinning clockwise or counter clockwise. neighbourgh Orbs are spinning different direction. If you are on Orbs and your is far one, do not try to run behind it to catch it, run in opposite direction to its movement to meet it (face it). Orbs are faster than you so you will never catch it if you run behind it.

5. Hex - Once in a while Laveka will cast big circle telegraph on a person, while person will be rooted. Telegraph is a shared damage, and everyone who get hit by it - will spawn an add. Nowadays most guilds only stacking if a healer get targeted, or when people downstairs get targeted. On progression days, most of the guilds were stacking for every hex. Somewhat near 5-6 people is enough for hex to not kill people. With matrix and higher gear should be even less.

6. Titan - big add will spawn on a random Furnace during Boneclaw wave. He have an aura in which everything is getting 90% less damage. Let offtank to take it and move to the wall, and only then start dpsing it. It should die as fast as possible. Titan have a cleave - everything that get into this cleave is getting heal absorb debuff. If this debuff not healed withing 10 seconds, whole raid will be stunned. So be sure only offtank get hit by it. It is important for Titan to be moved out of Laveka, because when he die - his corpse will still have the aura, until he is killed downstairs. Donwstairs he do not have heal absorb cleave, instead he just have hard hitting cleave that should be soaked with raid if tank have many stacks (as his max hp will be low and he will die). At the midphase there will be 2 Titans, be sure to kill offtank's titan first and then go to kill skeletons, only after that kill main tank's Titan. Healers should be aware and heal both tanks from absorb debuff. 

7. Skeletons (Boneclaws) - sometimes skeletons would be spawned out of 4 furnaces. Every skeleton is targeting the farthest target and following it. All skeletones should be lured to Laveka. Engineers should use Black Hole to stack them on Laveka, and Slingers with Espers should use Chill  and Restraint to hold them on her, so they would be cleaved and die on Laveka. This is especially important for midphase. They need to die on Laveka to finish midphase. With every skeleton wave there will be one or two Titans.

8. All Laveka casts are existing in both realms at the same time. Laveka exist in both realms at the same time as well. So all debuffs you put on her work for both realms. This means that if Sligner heal will put Sigil on Laveka while being in dead realm, all dps in alive realm will still be healed. Same work other way.

9. Downstairs every 5 seconds people are getting debuff. Every stack of this debuff is removing 5% of our maximum health. On 20 stacks you will have 0% maximum health and you will die. Stacks are removed upstairs one by one every 5-ish seconds.

10. On midphase there would be spawned skeletons, they should all be kited to the center and there killed. Then they need to die downstairs on the Laveka. Every skeleton that is dying on Laveka will remove her absorb, finishing midphase. Laveka herself is immune to player damage. After all the absorb is removed - Laveka will have long and big MoO where everyone need to burst her as much as they can, to be able to get to second midphase with good timings.

11. Soulfire - every few seconds people will get circle telegraph and debuff called Soulfire, try not to stack with other people with it, especially downstairs. Every time Laveka is casting it, she will say "Your soul with burn". Debuff is doing more damage the more it is on target. Debuff is doing tripple damage downstairs, so healer downstairs need to have cleanse and cleanse instantly if person who died was with Soulfire. Every time Soulfire is cleansed, Laveka will get the buff that is increasing her damage dealt (+100% per stack). This buff is stacking and expires in 5 seconds. Try to not put Laveka on 3+ stacks, so cleanse every 5 seconds. Unless it is last phase and everyone is downstairs, then cleanse every time people are low, and still try to drop Laveka stacks from time to time, or she can oneshot tank.

12. YOUR SOUL WILL BURN. Repeat x50.

13. On 25% Laveka will start dealing huge aoe damage to everyone upstairs and send everyone downstairs, on this point just burn her and ignore everything else (except Death Orbs, if you are way too low on DPS, then 1 heal and lowest non-buffs dps should sacrifice themselves). Healers should be sure to cleanse all Soulfires fast enough, as Soulfire will do huge amount of damage to everyone there and Laveka will chaincast it (only one soulfire at a time can be on the raid, though).

Raid Groups

Boneclaw Baiters (aka "Master Baiters")staying behind the raid on a sides of Furnaces. Skeletons each wave will follow them. Skeletons should be lured into the laveka, where rooted and killed. Take snares, black holes and roots.

Orb Group - six people each on their own orbit. Every time orbs are called, they are going to their orbit. Never run for your orb if you missed one, as you can't outrun it, always run opposite direction to its movement, so you meet it faster. There most likely will be two groups. You will alternate each other (one is taking 1st and 3rd wave, other is taking 2nd and 4th, though 4th should never happen if we have enough dps).

Essence Kickers - you need to have 2 kicks. You can kick essences both downstairs and upstairs. Kick orb only when it already formed, do not waste kicks while it only casting. Need to be kicked fast, or bad things would happen (like knocking players into the Orbs or Titan cleave).

KYS Group - you run into one side Furnace that is chosen by raid lead. You are staying down and killing adds downstairs. After midphase ended and all waves are killed, you are going up.

Offtank - when upstairs Titan is spawned, you take it and move away from Laveka to the side (not in front of Furnace!), and facing its cleave to hit only you. On second midphase there will be two titans, one is taken by you and second by real tank. Move them opposite directions.

Tanks one of you will tank Laveka and otehr will go downstairs before first Titan is dead (if adds are dying and downstairs there no one, they will go back up). Then you want totank those adds far from boss (near entrance). When midphase is started, pull all adds on Laveka and make dps to kill them there. If raid is lacking dps, you can bring adds on boss earlier, so you faster will start midphase (adds dying on Laveka are making her to receive 10% more damage per add died for a srhot duration). Then you are going up and tanking Laveka, other tank is replacing you and doing same work you did. On 50% phase tank upstairs need to tank one of the Titans (be sure to face Titan away from raid, so it will cleave only you). After 2 midphases, on 49% and less, when you are going down, instantly pull adds on Laveka, do not wait, they need to die there to push her faster to last phase on 25%. On 25% swap with other tank if he died to Laveka stacks, taunt her to lower raid damage taken and place DGrid if you can.

Healers - one of you will be down with tank and alternate with other healer upstairs. All of you should be fast to heal healing absorb from titans. There alot random aoe damage going around, so don't slack too much, especially downstairs when people have 5-10 stacks and on 10k health. There will be debuff called Soulfire - every time you cleanse it, Laveka will get buff of her damage (+100% to damage dealt) for 5 seconds. If you cleanse again during those 5 seconds, she will gain second stack on duration will be refreshed. You should never cleanse faster than 5 seconds, or she will destroy tank and her telegraphs would be much more deadlier. Soulfire looks like small red circle under the person, easy to spot. Be sure cleanse it downstairs as it does extra damage there and communicate to healers upstairs so they will wait till their next cleanse.

Everyone stack loosely near Laveka. Even if you are ranged, be mostly in melee range to her. Be stacked a bit, but spreaded enough for mechanics not oneshot you (Hex and Essences spawn on people). Never be too far, or you will mess Baiters job up and most likely wipe the raid. During Orbs be in point blank in the midle of the room, do not move outside to first orbit or even more far, or you will die and maybe wipe us by messing mechanics up. if you somehow died and downstairs - kill the adds if there any. If no and you died in weird spot - say that (text in /p or say in teamspeak) so your soul will be killed.

Alpha Cassus winks out

24. October 2017 - written by Elvira at 16:47 • 2 Comments

Hi. Raidleader here. Good job, everyone.

Some of us collapsed before Alpha Cassus did, and we've fused and fissed enough cores to run a sun of our own, but in the end we got a good little band of murderers to finally kill Aldinari. Don't need a world ender if we can just end it ourselves.

In reality, though, good job. I'm proud, you should be too. It took a lot of adjustment, some relevant, some superfluous, lots of practice, outside assistance, confusion, bad pushes to set up the good, and a few good ones to finally get it down.

There's been yelling, tilting, weeks of dry periods, frustration and roadblocks week after week. But most importantly, there's been progress. It's dead. Let's be glad about that while it lasts, because it's time to kill it again.

I still wanna thank everyone now that we've come this far. The core for sticking with us all this time. Anni for sticking with maintanking in a guild that seems to never keep a maintank, our fills for giving us the numbers, the bodies and the advice to finally push it through, and the new guys for figuring it out mid-progression and still keeping up, and all of the aforementioned for not being discouraged by me at times.

And, of course, the rest of management for doing literally everything while I sit there being dead weight.

Now all that's left is Laveka, a beautiful mess. It's time to learn individual roles again, but at least this time around we have a boss room where we can actually see telegraphs. It's time to buckle up for one final sheet, and one final push.

-Your beloved raidleader, forever muted.

Laveka, the Dark-Hearted

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Laveka, the Dark-Hearted


WiP (Work in Progress)

Raid Composition  1-2 Tanks / 2-3 Healers / 15-17 DPS


Addons – RaidCore or LUI BossMods

General Mechanic’s – listen to calls, kill yourself when needed, do not kill yourself twice, stun essences and do your orbs.


Challenge – 


Boss Abilities

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  • 2 – .
  • 3 – .
  • 4 – .
  • 5 – .
  • – .
  • 7 – .
  • 8 – .



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  • 2 – .
  • 3 – .
  • 4 – .
  • – .


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  • 3 – .
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Fight Overview / Strat

To be made.