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Alpha Cassus winks out

24. October 2017 - written by Elvira at 16:47 • 2 Comments

Hi. Raidleader here. Good job, everyone.

Some of us collapsed before Alpha Cassus did, and we've fused and fissed enough cores to run a sun of our own, but in the end we got a good little band of murderers to finally kill Aldinari. Don't need a world ender if we can just end it ourselves.

In reality, though, good job. I'm proud, you should be too. It took a lot of adjustment, some relevant, some superfluous, lots of practice, outside assistance, confusion, bad pushes to set up the good, and a few good ones to finally get it down.

There's been yelling, tilting, weeks of dry periods, frustration and roadblocks week after week. But most importantly, there's been progress. It's dead. Let's be glad about that while it lasts, because it's time to kill it again.

I still wanna thank everyone now that we've come this far. The core for sticking with us all this time. Anni for sticking with maintanking in a guild that seems to never keep a maintank, our fills for giving us the numbers, the bodies and the advice to finally push it through, and the new guys for figuring it out mid-progression and still keeping up, and all of the aforementioned for not being discouraged by me at times.

And, of course, the rest of management for doing literally everything while I sit there being dead weight.

Now all that's left is Laveka, a beautiful mess. It's time to learn individual roles again, but at least this time around we have a boss room where we can actually see telegraphs. It's time to buckle up for one final sheet, and one final push.

-Your beloved raidleader, forever muted.