No more Terraformer overloading!

Remilia Grim

It is done. At last Mordechai Redmoon seems to be really dead, dead for the second time. His reign of miserable laser jumps in Skullcano is ended. His twice dead body now floating somewhere in the deep cold space. Redmoon Rising was ended, and it is our turn to rise, to rise the Redmoon Mutiny, and dethrone Laveka!

The path was not very easy and it was fun to progress through. Sometimes progression was not going as fast as everyone wanted to, but four bosses are dead, half of the instance is cleared. And fun is not even over yet! Three hardest bosses are there to progress, three bosses there to kill. Octog will be the test of our tanks and heals, Starmap will be the test of our execution and dps, Laveka will be the ultimate test of how long our tanks can survive without falling asleep. Glorious progression, fun fights and good loot awaits!

And even with the threat of summer and vacations we should be strong enough to complete our journey. So lets do it!

 - Cat Master, Purrrfect


Kill video

Kill shot



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