Summer is almost burnt over

Remilia Grim

The worst season for any MMO is almost gone. With it all vacations and other random stuff would be gone. Calm seasons are comming now.

This summer was survived much better than last year. That year we lost 18 core members from 24. We went from 25% hp wipes on Avatus to wipes on Kuralak, we rebuilt core anew and reprogressed whole GA and then whole DS. This year we only lost near 8 people, few of them were on crucial roles, that halted our progression on Octog for near a month. However, this time we went from 1% wipes on Navigation Core to re-progressing Octog (and hard time on Mordechai), but this is only 1-1.5 bosses back and not whole tier and a half back in progression therms.

And same as at the end of the last summer we recruited new members, who can fill our main core spots. So far everyone is looking very good and promissing, and we got few warriors and few new tanks, what is really good. Week or two to show them the ropes, gearing up and we are back to progression again! Not 6 months of establishing and reprogressing everything like last summer, but just few weeks.

I am really happy that we still have people from both cores here with me, helping and raiding with guild. And I really hoping that new members would be as loyal as current core.

So lets focus up and rejoice that this summer wasn't as bad as it could be and lets clear up Laveka together!

 - Cat Master, Purrrfect


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