Accidental Rebirth

Remilia Grim

After killing everything in the game, almost everyone just quit the game. So we swapped to chill raiding schedule with 2.5 raids a week, to show to random people and to newbies what Wildstar has to offer.

And after few months of such chill raiding, we accidentally got full guild raids. And with this newly created 15-newbies group we started to raid. It took only 4 months to reprogress everything and kill Laveka again, even with so few raid days a week. So everyone of them have seen most of WS content now! Task completed :p

Good job everyone, you are fast learners! :3

Maybe we will be able to clear Genetic Archives Prime 1 as well. And, hopefully Datascape Prime 1 will be released so we can clear it as well~

-- Cat Mistress, Purrrfect


Remilia Grim
And alread 7/12 :p

It is absolutely amazing what we can accomplish when we have Chuas in the raid!

I'm actually really proud of us and happy about our progress. Let's keep killing stuff :D